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Legendary artisan and leveling too much.

May 23, 2017
Hey guys, i have a myth character who i plan to use for level 60 pvp. I want to get legendary artisan, and i know you would have to finish celestia, and do a little bit of zafaria to get it. But i dont wanna level past 65 before i get the badge. I did all the side quests for wizard city, krok, and marleybone. Ever since then i stopped side questing in fear of leveling up too much. I've completed mooshu, and right now im level 42 and i just started dragonspyre. Do you think i can acheive legendary artisan without going past level 64? I want your honest opinion. Also i want to do wintertusk till i can get talos so that factors in as well.

Oct 16, 2013
You made the mistake of doing the side quests sir.

Mar 02, 2009
I cant say whether or not but heres a tip for if you do this again : wait until you get acess to the things that you need for crafting THEN side quest to the correct level.

Jun 02, 2012
Dats bad man! You probably might be lv 66 or 67 when you do do it.

I dont do side quests (only the WC Unicorn Way and Triton Ave. Ones) (except I did a bit of GH because I thought it was part of main story at first) but I reached Zafaria at around 62/63. On the other hand my friend was underleveled and I told him to day side quests (He entered ZF at 56, and told him he would have to do side quests till 60 back in 2014. Your kinda screwed though. What world and level are you now?

Jun 02, 2012
Ah yes I missed something. If your in DS at Level 42, its possible that you will reach Celestia at level 50/51 (I entered 52 as reaching level 44 entering DS), but I entered ZF at 63/64 so you might reach 61/62, DONT DO DUNGEONS TWICE IF YOU DONT WANNA GAIN BONUS XP, Once you reach level 60 DO NOT DO WATERWORKS UNTIL YOU FINISH YOUR CRAFTING. There is my tip.