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Least Favorite World?

Jul 20, 2013
Grizzleheim just bores me soooooo much. I don't really like the viking and battle concept. The battle music is so dull... Even Wizard City's was better. Also, the experience, they lack so much in xp! When you defeat the ravens, you get 475 xp :(. I worked hard on it and that's all I get? I just hate gh but I had to do it because in the end, it'll pay of because I can go to Wintertusk and over there, it's just xp galore!

Seth ShadowThorn

Feb 18, 2010
Dragonspyre due to the enemies. Weakness!
Celestia due to the enemies. Earthquake spams (well for me anyways)
Azteca due to too much bosses and length also collect quest drop rates are insanely low.

Idk why people don't like zf... I sped through it in a day lol. Also had a bunch of people I met along the way help me so I guess thats why I didn't experience zf's downside.

Dec 28, 2012
definitely marleybone. i spent an hour and a half doing big ben, then when i talk to sherlock bones he only gives 225 xp. That's just mean. after that, aquila. when i was level 30 i went to aquila and thought, okay, mt. olympus, that's cool. but when i go to defeat apollo bright one he has 4,200 life (which was a lot then) and i try over and over until i just give up. I think that you should be a higher level before you unlock aquila, because when you're level 30 the average boss health is 1,300 to 2,000, not 4,000


Aug 26, 2012
Mine are:
1. Celestia: difficulty jump and too many ice bosses
2. Dragonspyre: too many weakness spammers
3. Zafaria: long defeat and collect quests
4. Wintertusk: I don't necessarily dislike it but my goodness to many ice bosses

Aug 25, 2011
I would says (like some) MooShu. way too much walking. The next would be Celestia. not sure why .

I love Avalon, Azteca and (so far) Khrysalis.

Jan 17, 2010
Azteca, aka the longest world in the history of the spiral. I have four promethean wizards and that was the pain for me. Mooshu was pretty cool though

Feb 02, 2013
I actually really didn't like Krokotopia. It was really creepy walking through those ancient tombs and killing those old spirits. And there were those enslaved Manders with their yellow eyes begging you to kill a ton of Kroks to avenge them. There was even this quest in Tomb of Storms where you had to burn these mummies so you could get the Djesredts (or whatever the're called) to trust you when really you were tricking them. It was way too creepy and gross and weird for me, so it made Marleybone feel like the best world ever when I got to it.

~ I really need to get a cool quote and font to put under all my messages~

May 03, 2011
I'm always sad when people diss Marleybone. I love steampunk as an aesthetic, and think MB is one of my favorites--just behind Dragonspyre for most awesome world. I would love--I mean, really really love--to see a continuation of Marleybone, at a high level. We could finally see inside Barkingham Palace, for example...and maybe we could help build a time machine, with lots of gears and pumps and levers, which would open up tons of other game possibilities!

But it's clear that the design team for the game has changed a lot since the first arc, so probably this won't ever happen. After Khrysalis part one, we will probably get...butterflies, or something.

Nevertheless, it's fun to dream...I haven't been playing much the last year, but I'd come back in a flash if there was a MB continuation.

Sep 14, 2009
I never really liked Mooshu much,It just didn't have a cool ending. Jade Oni wasn't a cool fight like Malistaire or Meowiarty. Its dungeons were long and boring. I am sure a lot of you have a different opinion and I respect it .

Brandon Ghoststeed lvl 95
Nickolas Iceheart lvl 58
"Without a death, you never know when evil is truly gone"

Jul 04, 2012
Well, its a tough desison.

-Wizard City was nice because it was easy, and you weren't to challenged
-Krokotopia I liked because it was fast-moving, but it was a little harder
-I liked Marleybone because it had a lot of interesting quests, but i was tired of getting pulled into battles
-Mooshu was the best for so many reasons
-I loved Dragonspyre for many reasons, a lot like mooshu
-Celestia was really hard because you were so challenged because they brought in criticals and critical blocks and star sun and moon schools, and the health was raised a lot for your enemys
-Zafaria was really tough cause of all the battling. But i liked the goal, to find the students
-Avalon was nice, i really liked all the learning to be a knight stuff, but it was really really long
-I just started Azteca and i like it so far
-I have no idea about Khrysalis

I gotta say it was either Zafaria or Celestia. I do look back on both of them and say they were fun, but they were really really hard when I was doing them.

~Angela Gem

Oct 04, 2009
I am in Azteca curently, far enough in to know if i like Azteca or not, but I don't know about Khrysalis. Azteca has personally been one of my favorite worlds, just because I feel more challenged. i am a life wizard, so I can heal, but I still attack very well. I guess if I made a list of all the worlds, counting Aquila, listed by my favorite to least favorite, this is what it would be.

1. Azteca
2. Zafaria
3. Dragonspyre ( Because I loved the ending of the game back then )
4. Aquila
5. Krokotopia
6. Avalon
7. Marleybone
8. Wizard City
9. Mooshu
10. Grizzleheim And Wintertusk
This is my least favorite world because 1. It took me forever to beat the entire world 2. I felt like i got no experience for how difficult the quests were.
No Khrysalis because I have not made it to that point in the game yet. I have teleported to friends there and from what I have seen, I think I am going to love Khrysalis.

Samuel Lifebringer Level 92
Artur Hawkleaf Level 44
Ethan Fireblood Level 33
Dustin Deathstone Level 16
Tanner Stormmender Level 7
Tyler Icestaff ( I think that's his name ) Level 3

Dec 02, 2011
My least favorite world was definitely Krokotopia because you had to buy like, every single zone

AntonioFiremender lvl 46 fire

Aug 14, 2013
KKoop3 on Nov 18, 2013 wrote:
Same. Aesthetics are VERY important to me in a game and Marleybone just didn't make the cut. It is dark and dreary, and very depressing. I'm a very upbeat person and such a downcast world ruins the experience for me.

Zafaria is the hardest but has awesome details but marleybone has cars and ballons go to marleybone and then Azteca I personly think marleybone should not be a world to advanced and depressing

Blaze Spellcaster

Hunter Spellcaster

Aug 14, 2013
seethe42 on Nov 20, 2013 wrote:
Mooshu, too spread out with far too much walking. The stereotyped oriental accents got a bit old too.
Zafaria would be next mainly for the over abundance of "collect/kil" quests. Every time you kill or collect from 10 lions, there's another 10 to collect/kill. I swear I spent like 3 days doing nothing but fighting fire lions.

I know what you mean with fire I have a fire ice and life but fire is the highest fire lions I had 4 friends every time for help

Blaze Spellcaster

Hunter Spellcaster

Jul 09, 2011
My least favorite is Marleybone because its so dark and spooky. and personally, so far, my FAVORITE world is MooShu because its so beautiful

Dec 04, 2009
Marley bone I thought was the least fun, followed by Mooshu only because of the endless walking back and forth. I enjoyed dragonspire and Celestia

Apr 07, 2011
Oct 19, 2012
I'd say Azteca. Design wise, it seems areas repeat and look the same. Tierra de Brea and Cenote look so similar, you'd think they are connected to each other. There's almost no difference between Floating Mountains and Twin Giants. Quest wise, in Saltmeadow Swamp, here's how 3 quests go:

First Quest:
Defeat 4 Monquistans
After doing that, talk to Cantares Five Flowers
Second Quest:
Collect 5 Stolen Food
Defeat 3 Monquistans
After that, talk to Cantares Fiver Flowers
Third Quest:
Defeat 4 Monquistans
Talk to Ponce de Gibbon

That's insane.

Apr 26, 2009
Marleybone is boring and all but it is short took me like a week celestia Is the worst though especially the grotto *shudders* not a huge fan of azteca but the end is not bad

Dec 02, 2011
Seth ShadowThorn on Dec 29, 2013 wrote:
Grizzleheim just bores me soooooo much. I don't really like the viking and battle concept. The battle music is so dull... Even Wizard City's was better. Also, the experience, they lack so much in xp! When you defeat the ravens, you get 475 xp :(. I worked hard on it and that's all I get? I just hate gh but I had to do it because in the end, it'll pay of because I can go to Wintertusk and over there, it's just xp galore!

Seth ShadowThorn
I feel your pain

AntonioFiremender lvl 46 fire

Dec 02, 2011
AntonioFireMender on Jan 11, 2014 wrote:
I feel your pain

AntonioFiremender lvl 46 fire
But really, Grizzleheim is my favorite world(so far).

AntonioFiremender lvl 46 fire

Mar 24, 2009
Grizzleheim was pretty cool, but Wintertusk was a bit bland to me. We went from bright colors, greens and blues to just light blues, whites, and grays.

I really hate any portion of the game that's set underwater. I feel like the screen overlay dulls down the spell's vibrancy and it doesn't really work with the Fire spell physics.

Jul 15, 2012
I love all the worlds, so I will have to use a bit of wordplay here and change least favorite to least... memorable.

With that said and done, my top 3 least memorable worlds are:
1. Krokotopia
2. Avalon
3. Wysteria

Now I am NOT saying these worlds are bad, in any way shape or form, in fact Avalon is my third favorite world.

I just mean by least memorable that when I do not remember much of it, and going back to it does not make me remember the old days.

Oct 26, 2012
well, this is really really easy for me. celestia. period. I hated celestia, because of health amounts! that applies to my side wiz ( well one of them LOL) my main was easy, she had no trouble! you might want to know why though, because she did every single side quest she could do! she was level 69 when she started. well I ought to tell you my favorite just for extra typing ( I love typing I have no idea why o. o!) it was mooshu, why do people hate it I know why just making a point LOL. Its a lot easier with a mount but if you don't have one I like to buy one day mounts from prospector zeke. then walking was a breeze!