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Last weekends "Invasion"

Dec 11, 2008
I'm surprised that I have seen no mention of last weekends "Invasion". Maybe I just can't find the right thread.

What I mean is the giant Wyvern that was standing by Mindy Pixiecrown and the giant swinging his hammer at the end of the Shopping District. I got a screen shot of the Wyvern, but the other guy was gone before I had the chance. I guess there may have been more instances, but these were the only 2 that I personally saw.

What was going on? Someone having fun? A bug? A sign of things to come?

Creatures like this can often been seen in the worlds of the Spiral. They are summoned creatures that are there because a specific Wizard is doing a quest. The most commonly seen one is the Judgement who appears in the Commons lake when Balance Wizards have the quest to summon her.

The summoned Wyvern in Colossus Boulevard is an Ice School only quest.

Feb 15, 2009
Um I think the giant in the shopping district was me!! I have an aaprentice ice wizard needing to see him for a quest!!

Mar 08, 2009
These creatures are found when someone is doing a summon minion quest. Not too long ago i had a quest and a dryad just popped out of the ground :)

Dec 11, 2008
Ahh. Ok, my friend speculated that it may have been quest related. I just thought it was odd that in all these weeks of playing I had never seen anything like this and then suddenly there was 2 in just a few minute span.

May 25, 2009
I've seen a Seraph above the door to Unicorn Way, a Heck Hound outside the door to Triton Avenue, and the large ice-giant creature aat Elik's Edge!
Somehow, I ws so surprised to see them, I forgot to make a screenshot!