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Last night i...

Aug 18, 2009
last night i spent 2 and a half hours stright trying to get Sprite from Alicane Swiftarrow. I swear , I did the same boss battle 30 times in a row. And not one time did i ever get this pet.

I am very disappointed on how hard it truly is to get this pet.
and i really wants this pet to ;(


2% - Sprite

Jun 08, 2008
You could just look in bazaar and buy the pet Sprite from there. There is usually a few go on sale through the days. If i remember it only costs 520 gold..

Aug 14, 2008
Instead of trying to get sprite i'd suggest trying to get the Dark Sprite from Bastilla Gravewynd, because it is easier to get it from her and she is easier to defeat.

PS: did you happen to get the firecat statue?

May 18, 2009
Mar 13, 2009
Jul 05, 2009
I feel your pain! I've battled Bastilla's Bastion for a dark fairy and Alicane Swiftarrow for a sprite at least 30 times each trying to get one of the fairies for a pet and no such luck. Others that battled with me got multiple pets but I didn't get a single one! Don't know what to tell you except your not alone!

Jul 01, 2008
I got a Dark Sprite from Foulgaze, it doesn't give a card, first time I defeated him.

Then I fought Lord Nightshade, no pet. Then on that DS Quest to collect Obsidian Chests, I fought Nightshade for the second time, and I got a Dark Sprite, gives a card, No trade nor Auction.

I was farming for a statue from Alicane Swiftarrow with my friend, and I happened to get a Sprite pet drop.

I suppose I'll be considered lucky and you're all very tired to hear the words "Just keep trying" but I'll have to say I'm a pet collecter, and how I got half my pets was from the Bazaar.

Tip: If you don't see a pet you want, keep clicking on the Pet icon button until it refreshes and you catch a pet you want at the Bazaar.

If you have plenty of Gold: Then, once you catch the pet you want, buy it and don't bother with the name. You can always rename for 500 Gold at the Paint/Dye Shop (sorry I don't know the correct name) in Shopping District of Wizard City.

Hope I helped!

P.S. Don't spend too much of your time on farming for pets, and if they don't give a card, it really is not worth your hours and hours, days and days of farming when you could be leveling up.

By the way, has anyone gotten that Fairy Queen pet from Smogger, boss of Katzenstein's Lab? It looks beautiful and I really want it :)

Mar 19, 2009
PEOPLE IT'S A PET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I defeated lord nightshade only 2 times get a pet so just chill you WILL get it eventually k?