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Kimbas Fang Level 68..Game please help

May 31, 2009
I have found a level 68 atname called Kimbas Fang, it is level 68 and has good health and mana attached to it with 20 in percent for pips, it is way better than any atname i have ever come across, i have 2 of them both on my storms, it is not a school atname but can be use for any wizard. With the highest pip percent in game being 21% i feel that 20% with this high health and mana makes it probably the best atname in the game.
Now i wish i knew where i got them. Does anyone know?
Keep your eyes open for this jewel do not sell it by mistake, compare it to others and i guarantee there is no better unless i have not seen it yet. If anyone knows if this can be made or gotten as drop somewhere please advise. I wish game would give input on its where abouts and if it can be crafted.

Sep 17, 2012
Mirror Lake, it can drop in the first 2 battles. There are better athames in the game but that is a pretty good one at that level.

May 15, 2009
actually the current best anthame in the eyes of a lot of players is the level 90 blade of the felled titan.

this anthame is dropped by Cronus

is gives:
+320 health
+210 mana
+17% power pip chance
+15% attack for all schools
+15 block rating for all schools
+17% outgoing healing

Mar 13, 2014
Sep 19, 2013
Bear's Claw of Death. Damage, crit block, less but still substantial pips, decent health and mana. Wintertusk ring/athame OP.

Jul 26, 2011
For Level 60-90 I'd recommend the Lexicon Blade drop by the first boss in the Tower of the Helephant in Wysteria. The Lexicon Blade's stats are +250 health +200 mana +15% Power Pips +8 Critical Block +7 Damage and +15% Outgoing healing. For Level 90+ I'd recommend the Blade of the Felled Titan dropped by Cronus in Tartarus the Level 90+ in Aquila. The stats are +320 Health +210 mana +17% Power pips +15 Critical block and damage and +17 outgoing healing. Here are links to the athames on Wizard101 Central:
Lexicon Blade:www.wizard101central.com/wiki/Item:Lexicon_Blade
Blade of the Felled Titan:www.wizard101central.com/wiki/Item:Blade_of_the_Felled_Titan
Hope this helps
Megan Frostflame Level 95

May 31, 2009
Thanks for all the input, i despise white pips, i am a power person with power pips. I have found if i go with some of the other rings or daggers, my pips suffer. I try to run least 90% or more in pips and with two 21% ring and dagger it stays up around 90% or more depending on my staff or wand. It is all up to the player and his playing style. I will be watching for the Kimba Fang because of its 20%, i do carry a dagger or ring on my death that is 18% which i consider close enough to 21%. You can make choices, more health less power pips, More power pips less health. But to get the two together is a quest in itself.
accuracy? my storm has about 350 critical rate, but his accuracy and shield protection went out the window. I use treasure cards to increase accuracy and this does the trick but as for protection, the critical clothing does not have it. So like i said, depends on playing style and what you are willing to give up and what you wont give up. Storm will not go anywhere unless Life is with him, My life, i play him different from probably any player in the game. He has every Dis Spell from the witch, and every amulet for every school, when i take him into a fight, he can dis spell any opponent, and shield storm, and if need heal. I am having great success playing this way. there are times i don't get the Dis spell on the right attacker, but i try to have shields up in case one slips by.
I can always change storms clothes back off critical at any time, but in a group fight if they don't block critical he does really well. Thanks for help with the atname i will be looking for more for my other wizards.