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Keyboard Shortcuts And Changing Our Decks?

Mar 08, 2009

First off, let me just say how much I am enjoying the game. It is great fun!

Okay, here is another somewhat basic (or stupid?) question..

While playing a while ago it seems that I must have pressed some certain key accidentally that swapped out my "active" equipped deck, thus changing it to one of the other decks that I was carrying.

I know how to "manually" equip various decks by using the in-game menus. But I was curious as to which keyboard shortcut it was that I apparently stumbled onto, that also did this.

Since then I have tried pressing various keys but have not hit the correct one yet.

So I figured I would ask. Is there a keyboard shortcut we can use to change our decks?

And also.. is there a "Master Listing" somewhere that I have not seen yet detailing all of the keyboard shortcuts currently found in the game?

Thank You all, for any help or information.

Interesting you should post this, we just placed a reminder of the hotkeys on our Ravenwood News section (under News on the left menu)

A -- Move Left
B -- Open/Close Backpack
C -- Open/Close Character Screen
D -- Move Right
F -- Open/Close Friends Panel
M -- Open/Close Map
N -- Turn On/Off Navigation Bubbles
O -- Open/Close Open Chat Window
P -- Open/Close Card Pack
Q -- Open/Close Quest Journal
S -- Move Backwards
T -- Turn On/Off Quest Tracker *new*
W -- Move Forwards
X -- Interact
Up Arrow -- Move Forwards
Left Arrow -- Move Left
Right Arrow -- Move Right
Down Arrow -- Move Backwards
Num Lock -- Autorun
Esc -- Open/Close Options Panel
Enter -- Start Text Chat
Space -- Jump
Home -- Recall to Dorm when Map is Open
Alt-F4 -- Exit Wizard101
Ctrl-R -- Autorun
Ctrl-K -- Swap Card Decks *updated*
Ctrl-Shift-N -- Show/Hide Name Tags
Shift-M -- Open/Close World Map

Mar 08, 2009
Ahh! Thank You for your reply! That was just what I was looking for.

In addition, I seem to have noticed one more feature..

Simply pressing the "R" key appears to allow you to "Reply" to the last person on your friends list who sent you a message.

However if none of your friends have sent you any such messages recently, pressing "R" seems to Open the Chat Window (just like pressing "O" does).

Mar 15, 2009
Yes we have since added a few keys, that was a rather old post.

For a complete list of Keyboard Shortcuts, see the Keyboard Shortcut Section of the Players Guide