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Just Wondering About Spell Quests...

Sep 22, 2008
Is it possible for two wizards of the same school to fight the same boss for the same card at the same time? I am trying to get Efreet, so I need help. Would it be possible for another pyromancer who has either already gotten Efreet, or is trying to get Efreet hep me fight the boss? If so, any pyromancer who needs/can help please tell me where and when I can find you! I want this spell so bad!!!

Jan 15, 2011
Sorry, but the spell quest for efreet is solo. People can't port to you or go in with you. Only thing you can use are the henchman from crown shop or your minion to get additional help with it. I did it at lvl 58 with a couple of henchman (lvl 60 life and lvl 60 fire) and just used helephant ALOT! lol

Good luck, you'll get it!

Grace Emeraldcrafter - Legendary Pyromancer