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just started playing, and i can't open the doors t

Mar 02, 2009
like i said. i don't know how to get out of the tower and the beginning of the game. please help

Feb 17, 2009
You're in a weird situation, this happened to me also. I wasn't far enough in the game to go to Krokosphinx and one of my friends went inside. I teleported to her and when I tried to get back on the ship to Krokotopia, I couldn't! This is what I did to get back to my quests. By the compass on the bottom right hand side, there are four buttons- Commons, your house, Mark a location, and go to the location you marked. Try going home. When you go home, go outside. You'll be in Ravenwood! You can also press the Commons button, it will bring you to the Commons! Good luck and hope I helped! ;)

Jun 27, 2009
You just have to be patient.

When you go in game for the first time there is a lot of downloading to be done. When Ambrose takes off to arrange his paperwork, you have to wait and wait, and wait some more for the downloading to complete.

You will know when it's done when you are moved to the headmaster's house.

Until then , there isn't much to do.