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just a note

Mar 13, 2010
i'm not being rude ._. but i'm really annoyed at some of the things happening in this game. I don't know where else to post so I figured I'd try here. I've been playing this game about a month, and i'm currently a level 29 ice wizard. My boyfriend is a necromancer level 17, and we do play the game together and are now subscribers. when i began playing, I noticed alot of people calling each other noobs, and got called that myself many times, i took no offence to this because personally bragging about being a level 50 pyromancer isn't something I really want the whole world to know about in my day to day life. It's just a game. I also have issues with people who stand in the middle of a battle and goof off. Yes i love having fun with my friends on here, but it gets rather annoying when you have something standing there acting like that. Also players with the kraken and grand champion quests, I've noticed alot of higher level wizards who hog these bosses all day and won't leave the area. the other wizards who haven't fought these bosses don't get a chance to fight them. I believe that's wrong. I've also noticed through out the game that people are trying to date? I don't understand this, i've been asked many times to 'go out' o.o forgive me if this is rude but..how is this even possible? there are many male wizards who have asked me to 'go back to their dorms' and it's kind of annoying. I get party requests for the ice house all the time or for the life house. I don't get it ._. this is a game not a social party. you're here to play not date or party around. hanging out is fine, but wouldn't it be alot funnier if you hung out while doing quests? at least this is what me and my friends do. Sorry for the ranting professor but it needs to be said.

May 31, 2009
generally the annoying people hanging out in themiddle of a fight are children or friends of someone fighting. as for hogging bosses most player a looking for certain treasure drops so they keep fighting to get it. and as for the dating thing, what can I say this is a game dominated by teenagers looking to socialize, I have the same issue whether I play a boy or a girl wizard (though admittedly more as a girl). its like real life you learn to ignore them and stick with the people you want to be with. I will make one suggestion to cut back on all of these issues pick a realm in the middle, page 3 or 4 should cut back on the attention seekers.

You are not alone in your annoyance

May 27, 2009
You're not being rude at all. A number of other more mature players have identified these and other annoying game issues. Just keep in mind that the target demographic for this game is tween to teen, and those of them who are less mature tend to do things in game that they would be too self-conscious to do in real life, like ask someone out. I have both male and female wizards, and you can definitely tell that the female wizards get "hit on" way more often. I had to delete a guy because he kept insisting I needed to "marry" him in game! I mean, WHAT!?!? Even after I told him I was an old lady and already had a husband, etc., he kept bugging me.

Look for perfect realms and avoid the Wizard City commons and shopping area whenever you can. But you can't escape them - they are everywhere.

Mar 13, 2010
finally someone gets it. i'm currently only in marleybone and the dating thing only seems to happen in the commons of wizard city. rather annoying really. but the boss issue is a big subject for me, there are beginning players who can't finish quests because of so many people hogging the bosses, yesterday was rather annoying for me as i spent nearly two hours trying to get a spot in the krokosphinx to face the grand champion and everytime i lite the braziers people would run to the boss and take my place or have other port to them. is there nothing we can do?

May 31, 2009
kitarahughes wrote:
is there nothing we can do?

you should have less issues once you finish kroktopia and as has been suggested go to less crowded realms.
Again you are not the only one annoyed .

Apr 30, 2009
Hi There!
As far as the hogging of the bosses, I found if you change realms sometimes you can escape some of the boss hoggers. If you go to a less populated realm, you have a better chance of having them to yourself or your group.

Ah!, the dating thing. Mostly pre-teens looking for attention. I just ignore it and go on since there is no rules that say you have to talk.
Just my two cents.

Jan 03, 2009
Sep 01, 2008
I understand your frustration. I am an adult who enjoys playing W101, and most of the time I do not run into any of the troubles that you have stated. We all talk about how this game was designed to please the tween/teen set, and like so many games out there, have many adults playing them for many reasons. As for myself, I am play the game by myself and am very curtious to by fellow players by not jumping into a battle even though I need the task that they are doing, but rather ask beforehand and respect their replies. I ignore alot of the actions/comments made by other players and will quickly change realms where I encounter players that "stalk" me. After all, this is only a game and I can choose how and where I want to play.

With that being said, there are many ways to avoid this problem, and in the past when I have played other MMO's, there have been quite a few adult players that introduce other adult players and we have found a wonderful group of people that become online friends that enjoy the same thing: relaxing and having something that we enjoy doing. So hopefully I am not overstepping my bounds in the forum by letting you know the names of the 2 wizards I play online and if you need see me in-game and need any assistance or just need a friend, let me know. I love to meet people and help them.

I hope that you have a better experience with the game knowing that you are not alone in what you have experienced, and that there are many like you in the spiral!

Fiona Dayrunner/Alexandra Skyrider