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June Update

May 03, 2009
I just finished reading the extensive notes on this new update.

I want to extend my thanks to the developers for the huge amount of work they have muscled through.

The large list of modifications, retrofits, and new add ons sound great.

I have downloaded the software and will be on the test realm shortly to try it out.

The crafting and treasure card building notes gave me a little shiver lol. I like the fact that the crafting has been incorporated into your living space.

The chat update is a very welcome addition.

The privacy add on is extremely valuable.

I have removed many a 'friend' simply because when i wish to farm an instance alone they port in any way.

I also have been limiting my friend list to those of equal or close to level. It is not fun for me to have low levels popping into areas they couldn't get to anyway and then having to 'save' them because they were just annihilated, lol.

The bazzaar is also a wonderful idea I plan on using quite a bit.

The only thing I thought was questionable was the handling of stun. The complaints about it come mainly from arena players who play 2v2 or higher. Having the stun "choke" shield to mobs seems a little over board.

Using a minion, (espcecially certain types) in the arena is more of a "threat" or "unfair" than using stun.

The adjustment to stun doesn't really affect me adversely and I have no complaints about it, just it really doesn't make too much sense.

The shield I think SHOULD be there in team arena but really isn't needed in 1v1 or against mobs.

I have stun. It is not even in my deck I use to solo around the game.

The only time I use stun in game is when I have teamed up with a couple of others to do an instance. Even then I only have 1 or 2 copies.

It is not that valuable of a spell outside team arena. I do not play team arena only 1v1 and then I use it very rarely.

Why? Because it doesn't play a very big role as a surprise unless you are the one acting first.

It also takes up valuable deck space where other more powerful cards can go.

The opponent builds a pip while stunned.

It takes pips to cast so the respite doesn't help if you are low on pips and can't cast a heal or big attack immediately afterward.

If you want to really have a hard time imagine if each attack is treated as if you got punched on the side of the head in real life!

There would be a small chance with every successful attack you would be stunned or knocked down the next round.

It could of course effect whether you can draw new cards or not for the next round as well. LOL.

I was hoping for an adjustment in arena to match by level not rank but I will wait and see if any changes come next time.

I also hope we can let our pets loose at home with the next update as well.

Ok spent enough time writing, I want to go check the new stuff out!