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Jewel drops?

Feb 08, 2014
I have no clue where this topic should be...
But I'd like to know where the best jewel and socket hammers are dropped.
Any critical rating, damage, or accuracy jewels. (Level 45-80)

Gavin Shade, level 75

A+ Student
Jan 18, 2010
For critical jewels specifically for the Myth School (around your level), these bosses/mobs drop them:



The Myth Jewel 75 - 95 crafting recipe can also be used to damage, critical and piercing Myth Jewels.
It is available from Wozina the EdgeCutter for 15,000 gold.

Crown Shop:

As I'm sure you're aware, these jewels are available from the Myth Jewel Pack in the Crown Shop.


The Jewel Circle Blossom also drops a few of the jewels.

Good Luck!

A+ Student
Jan 18, 2010
As it relates to Socket Wrenches;


All Jewel Plants have a chance of dropping a socket wrench, usually the Master's Socket Wrench at Elder.

Jewel Circle BlossomJewel Star BlossomJewel Triangle BlossomJewel Tear BlossomJewel Square Blossom
Master Socket Wrench bosses/mobs:

These bosses can be difficult to continuously farming, which is why I recommend gardening the above plants as alternatives sources.

Adept's Socket Wrench

Again, all socket wrenches are available as possible drops from the Jewel Plants.

Jun 19, 2010
Interested in jewel drop rates...

Some places are easier to find and obtain jewels over other locations.


You should research the type of jewels you want.

Then discover which bosses and who you can fight drops them.

And focus obtaining this way.

Let's cover the Jewel Drop Rate fighting the Fortee Thief, found in the Thieves Den in Caterwaul Canyon in Mirage

Caterwaul Canyon


Thieves Den

Fortee Thief

Out of 35 battles, 18 jewels were dropped. This is a 51% drop rate.
- And out of 18 dropped jewels, 6 were critical jewels.

The White Razor on Cresent Beach also drops jewels


White Razor Jewel Drop Rate

- Conversation about their drop rate, and where other players find jewels drop better and faster

- White Razors drop jewels, but at a very meager rate.

So if you had to choose which to farm--fighting the Fortee Thief brings you larger loot and drops; hands down.

Why do I prefer to farm the Fortee Thief
In addition to dropping jewels, this guy drops lots of gold, equipment, regents and seeds.
- Click on the Fortee Thief link shown further above to see everything they drop.

Basic info about Fortee Thieves, dungeon and surrounding Area;
- The Fortee Thief is from the Death School, and its health is 2815.
- They continually respawn.

- There is much to click on in the Thieves Den (i.e. wooden and silver chests, antique coins and such, as well as other regents too.
- Just outside the Thieves den entrance are floating blue and red orbs to click.

Here's to you discover where you can find all the jewels in the game, and having fun obtaining them.