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Items with the No auction, and or crowns

Jul 09, 2010
I have spent the last 3 weeks looking for the info on what I can do to
get rid of all the items that we win in battles that say No auction, crowns only
No trade and school only. I have 53 items that I can't use or don't want.
Any Ideas?

Rowan Ironpants
Magus Sorcerer

These items can be sold to regular shopkeepers throughout the Spiral, such as the shopkeepers in the Wizard City Shopping District.

If you want the prize, you have to build the ladder rung by rung. There are no shortcuts.
Jul 01, 2009
School only items and crown items can be sold. No auction means you can't sell it at the bazaar, and no trade means you can't give it to other wizards. Shop keepers will accept anything unless it says "No Selling." And I doubt anything says that.

Jacob Dragonrider lvl 49 Master Pyromancer