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Item sharing feature: Was it worth it?

Jan 10, 2009
Ever since I started playing this game, I have wanted to be able to trade items. I can handle not being able to trade with other players, but I hoped at least to be able to share any drops I get among my own wizards. Many others wanted this feature and at long last, the most recent update granted us that ability. We now have a shared bank.

I was very excited about this until I went to my bank and found that 80% of the items I so longed to share between my wizards are marked NO TRADE. I understand why most Crown Items are marked No Share and that is fine, but the rest I don't get. To name a few, I cannot give Malistaire's Balance Cloak to my Balance Wizard because I got the drop with my Fire Wizard. I also cannot share the good sword drops from DS. There are many others, but on the whole, I am very disappointed.

I am sure I am not the only one that feels this way so I'd like to hear input from others. Was getting the shared bank worth it if we can't share our good items?

Jul 05, 2008
I think it is great wish there was more clothing we could trade but I am ok with that. Gives my new characters a chance to win them too.

What I am most upset and sad and still can not understand how and why we can not trade our beta dragons. Gamma let me know in a post that the new trading system should be able to solve this issue.

I can never delete this character because my dragon is there. I grudingly play her . But my second character is the best.

KI has never said why and what the issue is. Been awfully quiet on this issue to. I really could care less about the ability to trade clothes. Those I can always win or buy. The only think I cared about was my dragon.