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Is Wizard101 Music Copyrighted? Can we use it?

Jun 02, 2012
Im wondering if Wizard101 Music is copyrighted. If it isnt and we are allowed to use it I want to upload it to Newgrounds to use in Geometry Dash. If it is copyrighted I wont use it. Are we allowed to use it?

Mar 18, 2009
I'm almost positive that the music is copyrighted (especially the Nick Jonas and Serena Gomez music/sound).

It might be possible to use it, but probably with consent from KI in certain situations. They do have free downloads for ringtone/personal use.

Below are some previous threads about music licenses and user content with KI copyrighted material:



Jul 17, 2009
Yes all the music would be copyrighted to KI. Just as all the images etc are copyrighted to them. They would not have released the game without that protection. Technically to USE any image, graphic, music you need to get permission from the copyright holder.
The Selena Gomez and Nick Jonas might be more of copyright AND licensing. KI would most likely have paid to use their name and likeness- that's licensing. I know Mr. Jonas wrote music for the game, so he probaly is co-copyright owner with KI as the author of the score.
The ringtones and such KI lets you download works more like a license. It gives you the right to use it on your phone, but not to sell it or claim it as your own. Another example is when you buy a movie on DVD. That is licensed to you for home viewing, however you are not to set up a public viewing, with or without monentary gain.
Rule of thumb unless it is your original idea/work always assume there is a copyright and seek permission. Some companies are generous and will let you use their music so long as you give them credit, and some will not. If you want to use it for something other than what it was intended, ask.
KI does state on their website their copyright.

Jun 02, 2012
Does this mean I can upload this to NG (New Grounds) Giving KI full credits?