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Is there such a class as a thinking persons class

Apr 24, 2009
Ok..ok I know all classes require choices ( ie thinking) but I was wondering if there is a class some have found that has great, even profound potential but may be overlooked because its not the straightforward /easy class. But for those who perevere it offers exraordinary power/fun.I current play a necromancer and am looking for a 2nd character idea. Thanks.

Jan 20, 2009
Even though it is very straight forward, I'm having fun with my storm wizard, also having a grandmaster life wizard. I easily kill twice as fast with storm as life.

I keep a very small deck, almost rediculously small, but I'm just breaking into Dragonspyre and it suits me very well. My main strategy is stormblade, elemental blade, tempest, and I also have a few traps and prisms for different situations (i.e., storm enemies and boss fights).

The strategy comes into play because I only have one tempest spell in my deck, so I need to know exactly how much damage I am going to do to get a kill shot every time. I keep a reshuffle card in my sideboard just in case, but I rarely have to use it. My deck is small enough that I can exaust it in three rounds of aggressive discarding and be set up for a tempest kill shot. If tempest fizzles, I will immediately redraw the card, having only sideboard left, and cast again until it succeeds.

Tempest is hands down the best and most versatile spell in the game and is a class defining spell for storm.

Here's my deck list (currently level 44):
-Pixie x2
-Storm Prism x2
-Storm Trap x1
-Stormblade x2
-Stormzilla x1
-Tempest x1
-Windstorm x1
-Elemental Blade x1
-Elemental Trap x1
-Judgement x1 (from hat)
-Wand x5
-Curse x1 (from boots)
-The healing buff from Toll Ear Pendant x2

Total cards: 21

Dec 31, 2008
I love this question! :-D Balance is portrayed in the story line as that sort of school, harder to learn initially but very powerful when you master it, and I have found this to be true. Unless you generally play solo, balance offers the challenge of how to best support teammates of other schools. It has two very different minion spells, one a support role (mander) and one a fighter (elemental). It has one damage spell that is easy to use (Judgement) once you learn to save pips, and another (Spectral Blast) that requires some careful thought because you don't know which element you'll get when you cast it (this is true of the elemental minion too). Once you reach DS, the balance foes offer rigorous mental challenge, while foes of other schools become fairly easy. If your goal is to get through the game with just one fighting strategy, balance may not appeal, but if you want a school that offers several very different skills to practice and choose among, this is a great choice.

Ice also comes to mind, because its lower damage spells and lack of a school blade until high level require patience and ingenuity in battle. No one-shot defeats here; you have to use your wits! Despite learning to apply patience with my balance wiz, I had to take it to a whole new level to get my ice wiz through Marleybone.

My third wiz is Myth, which offers enormous power IF you can learn how to fight effectively with a minion, who means well but doesn't think the same way you do. The higher level damage spells also require and reward thought, because they are designed to blow through the enemies' shields, but will do the same to your traps if you are not on top of things.

For each of these schools, if you try to play the same way you played your last wizard, or generally take the attitude "I just want to finish this fight," you'll be continually frustrated. On the other hand, if you often think, "I am trying to learn this skill, so I will practice it in this battle and see how it goes," any of these three is very interesting and rewarding.