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Is there a way to know all the areas you purchased

Sep 16, 2013
When I just started playing this game, I did not have any membership but I had crowns and lots of it. I would find myself porting to places I had no idea where or what is was. It was later in the game that I started to recognise some of the places I had been.

Anyhow to cut a long story short, I no longer have a membership as I have bought most of the areas on the game and now choose to trade in my gift cards for crowns instead. My problem is, I tried getting to a location but ran out of crowns before I got there and I am still unsure if I even bought the location I am trying to reach.

I checked Crown history but it only shows purchases in the last three month.

I dont know if it is there already but if not. PLEASE put something in our account info that allows us to see all the areas that we have purchased in the past since the start of the account.

While we currently do not display this on the website, our support team can easily get that information to you - just send a request to help@kingsisle.com and they'll reply with a list of all the zones you have purchased.