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Is storm not powerful anymore?

Dec 18, 2009
Storm is very powerful. Even though I'm a pyromancer, I get ASSASINATED by storm wizards! I don't get your points. Storm is the most powerful school. Your not living up to your expectations, although we are. Thank you, I'm out. PEACE!

Jun 11, 2009
Davito, I think that you are merely misunderstanding this whole thing. You see, maybe you just need a better strategy against these people you're facing. I know that since I'm a legendary in Life, it's VERY hard to beat storm!! I lost basicly all of my PvP matches against storm. Except for one time when it was Insane Bolt luck. Sooooo, I decided to get GREAT block ratings and fair critical ratings, and this started to help. Maybe you should get the storm gear that gives great critical ratings ( AKA Hat=80, robe=40, etc. ) So, I guess that KingsIsle really needs to edit the critical and block rating system, or bump up Life's power, lolz