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Is Myth even Good?

Nov 08, 2019
Okay so I have been playing Wizard101 for a long time now, and I have noticed that schools of magic have their perks, like here are some for example:

Storm - Hardest hitting and most powerful overall
Fire - Hard hitting and still buffed enough to play solo excellently
Ice - Known for being tanky and having lots of health and defense, great with teams
Balance - Great team player for blading and defending and supporting overall
Life - Healer, nuff said. But really, great support player and even good with soloing
Death - Like fire, good solo player, good hits and good support aswell

Someone please tell me what is so special about Myth. And, as a challenge, convince me not to leave him out of my character roster when I make my 6 players all different schools. (not including the 7th character slot potion haha)

Jun 17, 2012
Hi Marmstrong,

Is Myth even good? I loved the title of your post. As someone who started off with a balance wiz in 2012, I never understood the stigma around the Myth school. I had friends who were myth school and seemed to love it, but it was rare to see a high level myth wiz in any world. I would notice many low level myth wizards, but none that were leveled past 20. That was years ago.

Now it seems there is more of a resurgence of conjurers. Having created my own conjurer back in 2014 I can tell you that being myth is unlike any other school. You won't understand it until you are playing a myth wizard. It is hard to explain, but maybe some other wizards can chime in.

The specialty with Myth is of course minions. So many minion choices. These minions can be helpful at levels 1-40 but once you get to DS/CL, you really use them less and less. Also Myth wizards stun and pierce and shatter. It is our natural talent, just like healing is for life or draining for death. Myth wizards did NOT have a heal spell, (until the GH pack came out), so most conjurers train life school spells to satyr. I did too. You have lower health then the other schools but still more health than storm does!

It can be difficult to solo as a conjurer. You will die often if you choose not to use team up. Also , SHIELDS! Regularly purchasing -75 or -80 school shields were a life saver, literally!

My conjurer made it through ZF & AV mostly soloing. You will need team up for Mirror Lake and Ghost Avalon, Jabberwock and a few other dungeons but thank god for team up! Currently my myth wizard is half way through AZ and doing well! Once we receive our star aura spell Reliquary and our Lvl 80 AZ spell, Celestial Calendar, questing solo does get easier. Sadly as many high level conjurers will tell you, the spell that STILL gets the most use is good ole' Humongofrog. Over and over again. But hey, it cost 4 pips and it kills most mobs....

One thing I always hear is "Myth school is not for every one". It is truth. You need to be curious, enjoy being unique, love a challenge, have patience and be persistent. When I am on my myth wizard I feel like I have no limits! I for one am thrilled I made a conjurer and have no regrets. I cannot wait to get her to DM for Mystic Colossus!

Good luck when you create your new wizards! Remember to choose your wizard name carefully as it cannot be changed!

Happy wizarding!

Angela Legend 89

Nov 21, 2013
Consider Myth a utility school, much like Death and Ice. They have a lot of spells that can manipulate the battlefield. Stuns, double hits that circumvent shielding, spells that can remove blades and shields, and so on. They have the most minion summons too, of course, although I'd say the minions are more of a perk of the school rather than a significant strength. Myth is also a very viable school for PvP in the lower levels - possibly at higher levels as well but I cannot speak from experience on that one. But yes, Myth is the least popular school as it seems most people find them underwhelming.

Low health and defense - although the new healing spell they got is useful.
Moderate to low damage.
Long and 'ugly' spell animations. Subjective, sure, but it's my opinion and I've heard many others express the same thoughts while questing together or farming dungeons. Humongofrog, Colossus, Calendar, and Cyclops are the ones that seem the most disliked by a lot of people. I'd love to see some of these animations revisited or shortened up.

Jan 18, 2010
Welcome to the Message Boards!

Well, was supposed to be known for the school's access and versatility to minions and double hit spells such as Orthrus.

Recently, they have been granted interesting access to stunning opponents such as Medusa.

But, as I am sure you've realised, minions are extremely lacklustre within the later aspects of the game.

If perhaps, they were provided with the same abilities henchmen have or at least similar, then one could argue that the school has a solid place within the spiral.

However, as it stands now, the school really has nothing worth noting that really sets it apart from the rest of the spiral's schools.

Persons have argued that conjurers should be given unique abilities when it comes on to minions such as:

Being able to summon more than one at a time
Controlling them
Having access to more powerful ones

Jul 16, 2016
I have a level 46 Myth!

It is a challenge, but it's fun, every school is!

What I really like about Myth is the Shatter card that removes all shields at once from your enemy and spells like Minotaur and Orthrus that hit a small hit that can take off a shield and then a big hit all in one turn.

Plus, You may not believe it, but minions can be very helpful at times! I always carry a minion card or two in my deck just in case

Every school has pros and cons, you just in to choose what suits you

Jan 11, 2012
I have a Myth at some level from 120 - 130, I dont remember where as I havent played it in a while. Myth specializes in minions, however their true power is not realized until Monstrology came out. Now, they really live up to their primary ability. Once you get Earthquake, you don't get another AoE until L100, so you really need to boost your damage with blades or sun school enchants. The "double tap" spells are awesome shield breakers. They finally got an "in house" healing spell, so that deficiency has been shored up.

Mar 16, 2012
I have a level 65 + Myth ( been awhile since I've played on her, busy with other things ) and I've soloed everything from start to middle of Celestia. Except for Malastaire, of course.
Myth School is an excellent school to learn ( and I agree with the other posters who have trained life spells up to Satyr and training or using TC shields. )
You have room in your slots, so why not give this school a chance? If you don't like it, well it's easy to delete.

May 06, 2013
There are both good and bad points about Myth. Myth has Minataur and Orthrus that can attack twice around on a shield creature and still do good damage. Myth has stun spells such as Medusa and Basilisk but stun doesn't work on higher level bosses. Myth can summon Minions but most of them are not to helpful battle strength. Myth can disarm and take down shields such as Earthquake, Mystic Colossus, Dimention Shift, Pierce and Shatter. However, they lack in AOE damage. In my personal opinion Myth is a fairly strong school but only in lower levels. Myth can use an improvement on damage in higher levels. I play one and I'm not sure if I want to keep it because lack of damage causing low survival rating before level 100.

Aug 10, 2009
my first wizard was myth because myth could summon minions. of course this was before you could hire henchmen. She is max now and i still like playing her once in a while.