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Is it okay to be overleveled?

Jan 30, 2014
So I haven't cleared DS and I'm lvl 59 because I did some of Wintertusk (okay a lot...). I notice I'm helping Master's while I'm almost Legendary. But if I'm overlevel for the world I'm in now, does that mean I'll be over top of some people in Darkmoor/Krysalis/OtherHIGHlvlworlds? Will I have an easier time?

Also, I'm in the forum in DS,so when will I be done with DS?


~ Alexis & Llewella

Oct 22, 2011
Honestly, for the billionth time this question has been asked, YES, it's okay to be 'over-leveled'.

Mar 28, 2011
You're fine. Doing WT before CL is advised. You'll be able to go into Celestia with good gear from Waterworks (level 60) or crafted from Sudrilund (level 56).

Aug 03, 2016
I like being a little over leveled. I take every quest and I don't worry about being older than the other kids in my class. Lol So to speak (higher level numbers.)

It should make acing the tests easier!

May 25, 2016
Well I don't know how to answer your other questions. But being overleveled is ok. I'm lvl 63 and haven't even started Dragonspyre since I'm a crowns player. I'm behind on worlds/spells but a high lvl. Only annoying thing with that is somone telling me to use Storm Lord and I say "I don't have that spell"

Being overleveled can actually be looked at in both ways as good and bad:

Lower level worlds are much easier if your behind on worlds but a higher lvl

People critisize you for not being at the approriate world of your lvl
People ask you to use spells u don't yet have (I say this only bc I don't have enough crowns to u lock Dragonspyre = No storm lord)

I look at it as a good thing bc once I can unlock Dragonspyre it'll be rather easy :)
Again only annoying thing (for me) is people asking me to use spells I don't have

Jan 25, 2015
In my opinion, being over leveled is great. It's easier to level through areas and you're higher level going into other worlds. The extra health and everything will make it soooo much easier.

Aug 30, 2014
It's perfectly alright to be overleveled for a world. It just makes it a little easier for you which is great. It does mean you are going to hit level cap before you finish all the available worlds which bothers some people because they lose the experience from the quests. It personally doesn't bother me but that's just me. My first wizard was way over leveled and I didn't have any trouble.

Hope that helps.

Moira Stormheart

Jun 14, 2016
You want to avoid this, especially if you're doing PvP. Your shadow pip capacity is increased to 2 some time in Khrysalis part 2. The sooner you can get there, the better your critical and block rates, and you get easier opponents the lower your level is.