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Is it even possible to solo this game?

Jul 16, 2009
I understand that the developers want this to be a group thing where people get together make friends have fun playing the game and be all social. I'm not dissing that. I'm a loner by heart though, so while I'm never rude, I'm just not all that into ganging up with three or four other people and managing all the logistical stuff (even if it's minor logistical stuff) that comes with running in a group. If you are, good on ya, I commend you, but it ain't me.

Which is why I recognize I'll never beat Sunken City, and I'm cool with that. I don't mind. The whole dungeon thing is a great way to encourage people to form up...

BUUUUUUUUUUT, now I've finished everything I can in Krokotopia except the dungeon there (the throne room of fire I think or something like that). Again, I don't mind. I can accept that I won't be able to finish it without a crowd. What sucks is that I have no more missions (sorry, quests) to do and, from the looks of it, all the other areas are locked. I can't get onto the wierd little blue guys ship to krokosphinx or wherever cause Stalbot won't give me permission, and I've wrapped everything else in Wizard City.

So am I just missing something, or have the developers at KingsIsle made it absolutely imperative that you MUST form an alliance in order to proceed any further than the second world? Cause that would really suck...

May 12, 2009
Yes you can solo!

Primemovers, i have soloed most of the game, including sunken city, although it did take a while and i think i was in Marleybone before I was high enough level to do it alone.

I also am what you would call a loner, mostly because I like to do things on my own just to see if it can be done (and at times it has taken some imaginative deck manipulation). But i have also teamed up on occasion with some of the more difficult things to get them done or to see what they entailed ( such as with Malistaire/final fight- I havent attempted this solo yet) and am stuck im Grizzlehiem on the Jotun fight (WOW thats gonna be a tough one solo already failed several times).

So take heart and know that soloing can be done and there are others who do it too!!

Jan 27, 2009
It is definitely possible to solo all areas necessary to progress to the end of the game and become a Grandmaster, except the very end of the game which now requires at least two to complete by design. Optional areas like Sunken City can also be soloed, but you may want/need to wait until you have progressed well past them. That said, you will find it much easier to do some things with others.

For the Throne Room and other dungeons like it, you have two options to complete it solo. First, you can go back and redo other areas and kill additional enemies to gain experience until you are strong enough to solo in a single attempt. The second option is to just keep going back in after you die. Since the dungeon stays the way you left it when you died, for 30 minutes, as long as you manage to kill at least one enemy each time, you can eventually complete it. Of course, depending on how quick you're being beaten, you may want to do a combination of the above. And, don't forget to plan for and carry cards and gear to counter what is causing you problems.

Hope this helps you succeed.

Dec 25, 2008
I have a level 42 Storm Wizard and am currently in Mooshu - getting real close to leaving for Dragonspyre (just two more sections). I have done everything with her solo except Big Ben in Marleybone. In Big Ben, I needed help with the last floor. Don't forget that sometimes, you just have to do the dungeon more than once to get it right. I think it took me five times before I could successfully get through Katzenstein's Lab (Marleybone). I always make sure that I have Sprite cards in my Treasure Deck.

As for Sunken City, if you look around the message boards, there are posts that people have done it solo.

I haven't tried Dragonspyre yet but I hear that it's difficult without help.

Also don't forget to check your spell cards when you get to a boss. If for example, the boss is the same school as you, then check your deck for shields for that school and add more. Re-arrange your deck. There are spell cards which change your spell from say storm to myth. Add more of those to your deck and remove spells which perhaps you don't use as much.

If you didn't make it through the Throne Room of Fire, do it again! You'll make it! Good Luck!

Mar 12, 2009
Hello, the reason you can't move on is because the throne room of fire is part of the main quest you have to finish before moving to krokosphinx. I know its rough sometimes finding players to help but remember that if you have to do it solo that instances don't reset when you die or lose in the instance area. So everything is the same such as creatures you killed will stay killed as long as you go back within 30 minutes. There will be other area's like this along the way to beating the game but just remember that no matter how hard it gets, there is usually always a way to get through it be it solo or grouping, just try different tactics or try changing cards in your deck to get you through certain areas. Hope that helps a little and good luck.

Dec 23, 2008
primemovers wrote:
So am I just missing something, or have the developers at KingsIsle made it absolutely imperative that you MUST form an alliance in order to proceed any further than the second world? Cause that would really suck...

Yes, the developers have made it absolutely imperative that you MUST form an alliance -- at least for a handful of critical missions. Typically, this happens in order to "graduate" from each of the zones. But every now and then, you'll encounter it in regular quests.

I have the same gripe.

Feb 21, 2009
I completed Krok alone, except for the one battle with the 4 dudes on one of the other island.
You can solo Sunken City when you get higher up in level if you want.. I went in with a friend as we both needed the quest.
When you're getting ready to fight Malistaire, you cannot do it alone.
There's one point where you have to turn on 4 things.. You can do this with 2 people if you both mark location & port to it after turning on one.
There's another point, I think right before Malistaire where you have to fight 2 dudes with lots of HP.. They both have to be killed around the same time.
If you kill one & work on the other, but the previous dude reappears, you have to start over again (or so I've been told).

Dec 20, 2008
You must be missing something. I've gone solo and am in dragonspyre. It is possible. Some quests like sunken city can still be done solo, but not when you first get the quest. Level up some first and try again. You said some areas are locked, do you have a subscription or use access passes? Thanks, Kieran

Feb 19, 2009
You can proceed from Krok without others. I have done it a few times. The only area you have to have at least two other people with your group is leading to Malistaire at the end of DS.

You need to complete the throne room of fire to continue to the next area "the Krokosphinx".

A+ Student
Jan 05, 2009
The only place you need to group is in DS for the final quest. Other than that most schools can solo. I have taken a character from each school though each of the first three worlds (WC, Krok, Marley) and found you can solo each with the right deck and item combo. I perfer to solo also, or is it that my schedule makes me perfer, whatever...but I make lots of friends and we help each other out in battles where you don't want to pull your hair out or overly stress.

May 31, 2008
Are you SURE you have completed krokotopia??? because throne room of fire is needed to progress in Krokotopia. Also, if you ever want to defeat malistaire, you will need to be in a group, because while in the instance, both crystals need to be activitated at the same time, for this you need 2+ people, again this is the same with opening the 2nd door, both monsters need to be killed at the same time.

grouping is somewhat forced in dragonspyre, what with the hard monsters and dungeons its practaclly necessary, although theoretically, it is possible to solo the game, at least up to Dragonspyre, Practacally, again, it is not, you will come up against many hard challenges in the Spiral, some just need friends :)

krokotopia - i soloed all through this, and now i have made a ice wizard which is currently level 20, and i still solo most of it - i need help in the boss fights as i have trouble doing damage because my school combo is Ice-Life, and being able to heal people is great!


Hope this helps ;)

Mar 08, 2009
No,you cannot.The majority of the game, you can,but not all of it.One reason I know that you can't solo this game is The Great Spyre dungeon.You need at least three people to go with you,because there is this part where you need to put on crystals at the same time to open a door.And you won't be able to put on all the crystals before they go away by yourself.

Mar 12, 2009
True, in the great spyre you have to have at least three people. Almost forgot about that, lol. Also another area that is pretty much impossible to solo, which there might be some that have is kensington park which is a pain either way, but luckily thats optional.

Jul 16, 2009
Wow, sweet! Thanks for all the great feedback guys! I was missing something (obvious now, haha, gotta love hindsight) and am progressing nicely. thanks to everyone for their help and input (especially about killing a couple and then regrouping and going back in within 30 minutes, that really helped!)

Jun 24, 2009
I think a lot depends on your character and how you gear it up. Especially if you use the defensive crown gear (the pieces with massive hp's on them) soloing most of the game is a breeze. In addition, having a healing main (I'd count Death and Life both as a healing main for solo purposes) or at least a strong presence in Life for a 2nd make soloing much easier. The key is to have the hp's necessary to survive long enough to kill off the support for the bosses. If you can survive the process of going from 3v1 or 2v1 down to 1v1 then you'll be able to win.

In addition I've found that many fights that would be problematic solo in Dragonspyre become manageable (though longer and more tedious) if you summon your minion. Minions do a good job of peeling off those pesky shields and over a long fight can soak up a bit of damage and deal out quite a bit as well. I know on the fight that's really bad for Death in Dragonspyre (the one where the two helpers for the boss keep shielding the boss and each other) that my minion is the only thing that got me through. It took a couple treasure card heals as well...it was a tough slog to be sure...but I got through it.

I can't emphasize this enough though - if you're going to solo you HAVE to have a large pool of hp's. I'm currently level 45 and I'm running with about 2500hp's. That's actually about 200 or so lower than if I'd have maxed it out but I was doing well enough soloing that I decided to sacrifice a bit of the defense from the crown gear for some more offense. That said, if you go full crown gear you get a healthy bonus to your defense against all damage as well as a huge buff to hp's. Soloing is less about dealing damage and more about preventing it and the crown gear is outstanding when trying to reach that goal.