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Is Goat Monk a good spell?

A+ Student
Dec 11, 2010
I have it on my life, but I kinda want to restart my life character to give a better name

Aug 03, 2014
Rachel Dreamsong on Aug 4, 2018 wrote:
I have it on my life, but I kinda want to restart my life character to give a better name
Wait for more responses that just mine so you get a few different opinions!

Personally I don't think Goat Monk is a big reason not to start over. I have it on my life and only use it occasionally when I am messing about and being funny with my team - it IS a funny-looking spell

If you want it on your new life wizard you can always craft it later. It's certainly not been an essential part of my strategy and is a 'just-for-fun' spell if I ever put it into my deck.

You probably know this but if you decide to delete your wizard remember to pass everything she owns to your other wizards through the shared back.

Whatever you choose, good luck and have fun!

Jul 01, 2015
I can't stand my character name but I get along with it..(Certainly not deleting 3 years hard working on a character lol)

Aug 23, 2016
IMHO, yes.

It does 415-520 damage for only 5 pips. Although it is 70 points less than Centaur you can get the pips faster.

Yes, you have to craft it. But it still looks cool.

Steven Ghoststalker

Jul 18, 2010
Goat monk can be decent, but I see more people using Luminous weaver as it is only a 4-pip spell and puts a -25% on the target. The only reason I suggest you keep goat monk is that it's a Loremaster spell; hard to obtain, especially getting the right spell on the right character.

But if you know this already and still want to restart your life character, by all means go for it. You CAN craft it later on, though difficult to do.

Jul 24, 2011
Not really, and it is definitely not a reason to not start over. It does okay damage, but you can do more with Centaur, which is only 1 more pip.