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Irritated with unwanted porting!

Feb 08, 2009
I am the only one that is getting irritated by all the unwanted porting?

I am in my new house, moving stuff around having fun. Then PUFF, there is another wizard in my house, running all around MY new stuff, all around my outside. It's just very irritating! ! Especially when I try to talk to them and the ignore me!

I am also irriated when I am almost dead and I almost have the bad guy defeated then PUFF an unwanted ported wizard comes in. Which means another bad guy joins in and then I die and have to start all over because i did not get the credit.

SO, if you all can make it to where 'friends' can ask befor porting THAT would be great! You know make up a little bubble that comes up on the right hand side with the whole shaking hands icon and when I would click on it, it would say so and so would like to port to your location. THAT would be so simple! Thank You!

Jan 23, 2009
even though this has been posted at least one a week in a new thread i am gonna again. I am just warning you KI does not seem to be inclined to do this.

Mar 08, 2009
Yeah i see how you feel. I am a lvl 34 life wizard currently, but a while ago in Big Ben i was in a battle with my friend then all the sudden POOF! one of my lvl 7 friends pops out of nowhere and more guys come and he wasnt much of help :? I agreee that there should be something that asks you if you want that person to teleport ( That way you could play Hide and Seek with your friends lol)

Mar 22, 2009
The problem doesnt seem to be with you or them... but your FRIENDS LIST! Edit the list and that should fix the problem your having. The way I see it is if it was a TRUE FRIEND they would be texting you to see whats up and then porting to you... but I see that to many are on ppl's list of friends so they cant port to places they have yet to make it too. Thats my 2 cents! Later.

Apr 26, 2009
I have to say, I had my own odd experience with this today--a wizard on my list (that only has menu chat) ported into Ironworks. Now, I suppose I should be grateful for the help, but then she invited two other people into the dungeon, left me stuck in a side fight and they ran around doing the quest. I missed half the talking/figuring things out. Then she ported out to go shop in the commons (saw her there after the fight). These were all lower level Krok wizards too and neither of the others would even talk even though they had text chat.

They did help me win more easily, but I was trying to solo that time.

I was just a bit bummed because I enjoy seeing everything the first time.

I removed her from my list and wouldn't let the other two add.

I try to look at it as a human addition to the challenge fo the game--like robbers that leave stuff instead of steal :)

All you can do right now.

Tara Wildflower

Feb 18, 2009
Well, I can give you the same suggestion I give everyone on this topic. If you don't like it, either talk to that person or DELETE them from your friends list. I do.... I don't tolerate people coming in and out of my battles. If you pop in unannounced and then leave, I delete you. Yes, I lose friends this way but if they are TRUE friends, they won't do this. I don't believe for one second that they don't know that popping in on you during a battle brings in a new enemy. So to leave me with a new enemy is just wrong as far as I'm concerned.

I too am tired of the uninvited pop ins and this has been my conclusion to handling the matter until KI makes some much needed changes.

Just something to ponder,

Hunter SilverHeart

Mar 28, 2009
I like that idea, that they are human robbers "stealing" your fun from your quest. This is why we need to be able to switch on and off the friend-porting ability.

Give us some privacy, people!

May 02, 2009
How about a check box on your friends list which you can tick for 'busy' status.

If it is checked, you don't accept ports, if is not checked, you can accept ports. This way your 'friend' can ask you if they can port, then you can take off the check, they can port, and then you can put the check back on.

Apr 22, 2009
Ok, I have an idea that just popped into my head. So you know how they have that star next to friends names? Well before I figured out what they REALLY are, I thought that they were filled in to tell me they were in a battle or something. Well, they aren't (smart of me to finally READ the patch notes :))

BUT, that brought up a good idea; what if, next to the friends name on the friend list there was a circle or something, and if the circle is filled in, that means they are in a battle, instance, or dungeon. This way, someone knows BEFORE porting that the person is busy and that way they can ask if they can join the battle.

I know that there will probably still be unwanted porting, but this might eliminate it for some people out there.

I don't know, what do ya'll think? I just think that this might be something easy for Kings Isle or the W101 team to incorporate.

Sarai Dragonstone
Lvl 46 Ice/Storm

May 14, 2009
I'm of two minds on this subject. I would very much like to have the OPTION of turning obtrusive friends random porting off or at least receiving a notification pop-up asking if they could join me.
At the same time though, I agree with the points that were made about people that generally do that don't need to be in your Friends List anyway. I know I got aggravated enough a week ago or so that I went down through my Friends List and booted everyone that was Menu-chat only. Then asked those who could actually chat not to invade my privacy unless they asked first. Any one of them that didn't listen got the boot too. :x

Backing up a bit, why so hard on Menu-chat? It is in my opinion ridiculously hard to form any useful strategies or carry on any meaningful conversation with such an awkward interface. Therefore, I simply don't bother.

I know that probably makes me a "big meanie" in some kids books but that is unfortunately the way it is going to stay for me unless something changes.
However, that said, having the ability to switch Friends List people on or off porting would make me (and I bet a lot of other people) a lot more friendly to Menu-chat players simply because I could keep them from doing just those things previously mentioned in other posts. Random low-level porting in just for kicks and wrecking your battle when they pull more mobs and leave you holding the bag when they flee really is really awful. It's bad enough when you are just fighting some random mob in a passage somewhere but when they port in on you in a dungeon, that's just not cool. :x

Aug 01, 2008
I dumped all my "friends" except one. It wasn't worth the hassles and all the invasions.

Sometimes, the friends are not the problem but their "friends" are. One shows up and then several more follow who are not on my friends list at all and who don't seem to understand that they are intruding on my battle or my quest. I often like to solo with certain monsters in battle as a way of double checking how well my decks work. But that is hard to do with 2 or 3 people porting in. Or worse, 4 or 5 porting in and running around in and out of your battle, chatting like monkeys, distracting you from your game play. Unfortunately, I have also had to deal with this juvenile behavior from people who weren't on my friends list at all but who just happened to wander along and have nothing better to do that annoy others trying to play the game.

Apr 24, 2009
I know I had a friend just port to me without asking if I needed help and I was fighting in MB and he ports in while I am in a fight and just about to finish the fight and he brings in 2 more foes and then flees. Leaves me fighting the other 2 foes alone which I was able to do with low health but of course it was with my Necromancer. :)

Mar 29, 2009
I'd like to be invisible sometimes only because I intentionally solo or because I can't chat very well. I tend to multitask, (hold baby, surf, watch TV).

I'm also never good at saying no to helping people. Funny enough my younger daughter informed me "it's ok to tell people no. People say no to me and I don't get mad."

Kaitlyn Ashflower, lvl 50, Fire, [storm and life as secondaries] currently in the Forum battling Undead and looking for Father Drake