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Insteresting little things to point out. . .

Feb 25, 2011
In text chat in W101, it lets you say "church", in obvious reference to Wolfminster Abbey, the Marleybone church. However, it doesn't let you say synagogue, mosque, or anything of the like. I am wondering if I am the only one who noticed this and considers it a problem. I have no specific religion (this isn't what the topic is about so do NOT complain to me about this) so this does not affect or offend me personally, but I thought it would be something to point out. I'd really appreciate it if this topic got approved because it is a real problem, thanks.

Sophia AshHeart
Level 46 Balance

Aug 04, 2009
Most likely because church is a really general term, because unlike synagouge or mosque a church isn't definite to one religion. My aunt is jewish and she always says when she leaves to go to the synagouge she just says she goes to church. I think it is in place so when someone says oh i have to go to church. Or anything of that sort their religion can remain anonyamous, because religions can usually complicate things as many people have different beliefs. And if your one religion, your religion may shun another. So this way none of this leaks on to the game. Just to keep more order.

Jun 25, 2009
MarleyBone was never meant to be based all on religion.

Hunter LegendWraith level 60 necromancer

Jan 05, 2011
The admins have explained in the past that text chat uses an inclusive list, meaning that every word we can type was specifically added into the code. Since they are not necessary for effective communication during gameplay, and since the words mosque and synagogue don't reference any items, people, or places in the game, they don't seem like necessary additions to the list, in my opinion. -etherchaos

May 31, 2009
I agree. Since I have Open, I can say that, but when I'm trying to talk about stuff like that to the younger players in MB and such, they can never see what I'm saying (synagogue, morgue, etc.)

Sabrina, Legendary Thaumaturge