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Information About PvP Music (House)

Apr 19, 2010
Hello Young Wizards. (I know this is gonna sound like a commercial but oh well.)

When you battle in your battle arena, you always get that old Wizard City Music. Well not anymore. For those of you who have music player's, it's quite easy. As soon as you jump into a battle in your house, (with someone else of course) open the music list and select the music you want to play. (I would recommend battle music doh!) Only select it when you start to hear the wizard city combat music. (Once you are done with your battle, change the music back to your last music choice.) I hoped I have made PvP in your house a lot more funnier!

P.S. If some of you (like a lot) don't know where the music player is, go to the Wizard City Housing Shop. Buy it and also buy some music scrolls. They are found in the bazaar under the decoration tab.

David Darkflame Level 80 Fire.

Jul 28, 2009
Hmm only house i have with arena in it is Fantasy Palace but thanks i use the house every so often and good job on figuring that out the music kinda gets old after awhile i will be putting on DragonSpyre music