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Increasing health

Sep 10, 2010
I am a LVL 34 storm wizard in mooshu and was wondering if any of you have ideas for me to increase my health. I fell like part of my problem in mooshu is I have health of 1540. I saw a wizard with 2300 health a level below my

Dylan Thunderrider level 34 storm wizard

Mar 12, 2013
Welcome to storm.

You can expect to have lower health than any of your peers and a lot of people even 3-5 levels below you. But, you make up for it by being able to end matches quickly with large damage.

If you don't end matches before the enemy gets set up, expect to heal early and often.

In MS there are a few options for increasing your overall health and school-specific resistance. Bosses like Death Oni and Youkai drop superior gear for lvl 35-40. A few drop crown gear that will give you a small global resist and accuracy boost.

There's also the crafted gear which gives you a bit of a health boost and a secondary-school boost as well. Look in Cave of Solitude for the storm gear recipe guy.

Right now in your position I would try to focus on getting gear that gives you a health boost first and foremost. Second most important would be accuracy. Damage is third; it's irrelevant how much damage you do if you don't resolve your spells. Fourth would be resistance of any type.

Health becomes increasingly relevant when you are taking multiple krakens per match, or smorgasbord spells like hydra, or large DOT like Heckhound. Bosses in DS will start out with a number of extra pips, they will hit before you can shield. The problem with shields, healing, incoming healing boost, etc. is that you have to draw them and cast them successfully for them to protect you. Having a ring, athame, pet, and clothing combo that grants an extra 250-300 health is still going to be more valuable to you than having better shields, better heal spells, or better response to healing spells.

Sep 24, 2011
Well I know a lot of people that have huge differences in health and sometimes the smaller levels have more. GEAR! You need to have gear that helps you. At smaller levels some wizards just want to look cute in this useless gear that gives you nothing! So who cares what you look like! Just go for the biggest gear for your school an d your level. For instance, I have a wizard that's level 36 and she has 2,400 health.

Nov 01, 2012
How do you think storm people who completed AZ feel? Welcome to the brutal reality of storm. Just try to find the best gear with decent health boost. I just started a storm wizard so we will see how it goes.

Sep 10, 2010
alright i will try crafting. I have the best gear that i can find. i haven't tried crafting so i will. thanks for your tips. health for me hasn't been a issue until now so thats why i am worried.

Dylan Thunderrider level 34 storm

see you in the spiral