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In need of the xp returned to sides

Jun 06, 2013
Sides in mirage no longer give xp, and there is no xp in empyrea side quests. I cannot level up to 125. The only single quest that I have left in the game that gives xp is the bat, and even that won't level me up. I'm almost half way there and I cannot wear the cabal gear because there is not enough xp left in the game for me. Now I have a bunch of useless sides that I don't feel like doing for just gold. Please fix this mistake cause I'm sure I'm not the only one.

Jun 06, 2013
So I guess I'm the only person in the game with this issue. It's my storm that is stuck. My death was able to level to 125 and has not finished part 1 of empyrea. I normally finish sides for that xp. I have checked all the worlds. I don't know where I went wrong with storm. If I totally start over with my storm, will I have the same issue at the end? What caused the removal of xp on sides? What would it take to return it? a potion? crowns? I am looking for another person or more to do the Bat, but even then my xp will be only 1483183/2500000. Will all my other wizards run into this problem too? I feel like why even bother anymore? Because it will be a continuing problem from now on.

A+ Student
Dec 24, 2009
With all of the dungeons and side content available in lower worlds to new wizards, lot of people were getting over-leveled, which may be why KI decided to do away with side-quest xp starting in Mirage. Most people will hit max somewhere in Mirage or Empyrea, so the lack of xp in upper world side quests won't be a problem for them.

As for your Storm, you could try running back through all the past worlds, using your "quest finder" to see if you have any overlooked quests. (For example, side quests that grant quite a lot of xp were added after the fact to Azteca.)

Did you do all possible side dungeons and skeleton key bosses? Some of those grant high xp and doing a few will add up. I think there is a crowns shop potion you can take that will increase your xp by 10%, which also might help if you decide to knock out a few dungeons.

And finally, repeating street mob battles while dragging your feet and using LOTS of pips can incrementally add xp. The more pips you use, the more xp you get per battle. I know you're facing over a million xp deficit, but every bit helps.

As for defeating the Bat, he's not quite at the end of the current Empyrea storyline. If you finish him, you'll still have some way to go before reaching Medulla. You will definitely max out before you get to the end of Empyrea part one.

Alia Misthaven

Jun 06, 2013
Thank you Freshta

For all your advice. And the elixirs, I had completely forgotten about them. I had used them previously one time, when I was in test way back when we were testing Hades. And then I forgot till you reminded me. I can hit myself cause I can't tell you how many times My character died in Darkmoor.
thanks again