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In-game rumors. What have you heard?

Mar 13, 2011
As many persistent online worlds evolve they do so along with in-gameplay rumors about how to achieve certain goals once folks become frustrated with the random nature of being able to attain such goals. Other rumors may involve various secrets meant only to be known to a select few, perhaps just the designers.

EverQuest comes to mind, where there was (and may still be) the rumor about the secret area under the tunnel that connects the East Commonlands to North Ro, or the ever-elusive Burned Woods.

Some rumors are founded in truth, like EQ's infamous "Cat Room", which is a small square room with pictures of Kevin Burn's cat all around the walls, to where very bad players or players with severe disputes would be banished for a time, usually with a GM coming in to give a good talking to. (I've seen it, it is in fact real. ;) )

Wizard101 is not immune to the phenomenon. So what rumors have you heard about W101? The ones I have heard (and maybe you have as well) thus far include...

A. If you pick up the pearl in WaterWorks, you won't get a robe or boot drop.

B. The fewer people you go into WW with, the better your chances of getting legend gear/Mega Snacks.

C. If you go into the middle of the clam room at any poiint, you will triggerthe ghost spawn. (Never bothered to test this solo to eliminate the variables, but I have seen people cross the middle with no spawn.)

D. If you wait longer than 30 seconds to hit the "Go to Arena" button, you have a better chance to get first turn.

E. If you hold down tab from the time you join a match until the time you warp to the arena, you WILL go first.

F. If you train pets in intellect and will first, they have a better chance to get spritely.

G. If you feed your pet only snacks that he LOVES he will get spritely.

So what rumors have you heard?

Jul 30, 2010
if you dance in the countdown to a pvp once your in the arena if you dance you go first ( doesnt work at all)