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In game gear/crown gear comparison

May 19, 2012

In game hat -

___ Bear Hat (lvl 52)

+95 Max Health (this seems to vary according to the school of magic and the amount I put here is for storm school)
+4% Universal Damage
+3% Universal Resistance
Gives one card/specific to the school of magic, for storm it's gives 1 card Tempest/85 storm damage per pip to all enemies, costs x number of pips


Rumbling Cover (lvl 52)

+154 Max Health
+12% Fire and Ice Resistance
(storm school only)


Thundercracked Cover (lvl 52)

+11% Fire and Ice Resistance
+53 Storm Critical
(storm school only)


Surging Storm Helm (lvl 52)
+96 Max Health
+9% Storm Accuracy
(storm school only)

Since accuracy seems to be the most important stat my storm wizard is in need of, I elected to go with the accuracy helmet

Crown hat -

Sultan's Turban (lvl 50)

+152 Max Health
5% Universal Accuracy
+10 Universal Critical
+7% Universal Resistance
Dragonblade card/+35% to next damage spell, costs 0 pips


In game tunic -

Jerkin of the ___ Bear (One for each school of magic) (lvl 52)

+255 Max Health
+7 Universal Block
+20 Specific School of Magic Block (Fire, Ice, Storm, etc)
+15% Specific School of Magic Resistance (Fire, Ice, Storm, etc...same school as the block)
+4% Incoming and +4% Outgoing Life heals
Gives 1 card/Dispel against Specific School of Magic (same school as block and resistance) costs 2 pips

Nothing else even comes close to comparing to the Sultan's Robe.

Crown tunic -

Sultan's Robe (lvl 50)

+252 Max Health
+10% Universal Block
+10% Universal Critical
+10% Universal Damage
+9% Universal Resistance
Gives 1 card Frozen Armor/Absorb 185 damage per pip, costs x number of pips.


In game shoes -

___ Bear Boots (lvl 52)

+91 or +83 Max Health
+27 or 25 Universal Block
+6% or +5% Resistance to three different schools of magic (depends on the boots)
Gives 1 card, shields against two schools of magic, or elemental/spirit shields against three schools of magic/- 75% or -55% to next specific school of magic spell (whichever school of magic the shields are for), costs 0 pips

Boots of the North Wind (lvl 50)

+93 Max Health
+20 Universal Block
+5% Incoming and +5% Outgoing Life Heals
+33 Storm Block
+18% Storm Resistance
(storm School Only)

Crown shoes -

Sultan's Shoes (lvl 50)

+130 Max Health
+5% Universal Accuracy
+30 Universal Block
+10% Universal Damage
Gives 1 card Storm Lord/775 storm Damage and stun to all enemies, costs 7 pips (note, some bosses are not stun-able)

I elected to go with Biting Bear Boots which provides resistance to fire, ice, and storm, and 1 card to shield ice and fire.


In game wand -

Gar of the Northern Lights (lvl 52)

+7 Universal Block
+10 Universal Critical
+1 Pip
Gives 5 cards, Blitz/110 Myth Damage

Crown wand -

Charmer's Mystical Flute (lvl 50)

+40 Universal Block
+20 Universal Critical
+1 Pip
Gives 6 cards, Major Blitz/120 Myth Damage

My storm wizard's stats with Sultan's gear:

Health 1956
Mana 300
Energy 66
Universal Damage +20%
Universal Resistance +16%
Universal Accuracy +14%
Universal Critical 40%
Universal Block 92
Pip 76%
Healing In/Out 0%
Stun Resistance 0%
Armor Piercing 0%

My storm wizard's stats with in game gear:

Health 1864
Mana 300
Energy 66
Universal Damage 0% (0% for storm)
Universal Resistance 0% (6% Fire and Ice, 21% Storm resistance only)
Universal Accuracy 4% (12% Storm only)
Universal Critical 10% (Storm inclusive)
Universal Block 53 (73 Storm only)
Pip 76%
Healing In/Out 4%
Stun Rsistance 0%
Armor Piercing 0%

So with in game gear I lose 20% Universal Damage. I lose 16% resistance to myth, balance, life, and death schools. I lose 10% resistance to fire and ice. I gain a whopping 6% resistance to storm. I lose 10% universal accuracy and 2 % storm accuracy. I lose 30% universal critical. I lose 39 Universal Block, except to storm which I lose 29 Block. Pip chance stays the same, and I gain a whopping 4% incoming/outgoing heals. I lose almost 100 health on top of my already low health, no change to mana or energy. Look how much of an advantage crown gear gives me over in game gear.

Maybe I don't need it on my other wizards, but my storm wizard would be lost without it. In game gear needs to be stepped up to even come close to comparing with crown gear. And people don't see this as a problem?

Feb 07, 2011
It's true... Crowns gear is (usually) better than in-game stuff, but only until you hit level 60. After that, Waterworks gear is the best available.

I'm level 80, and still swear by my WW gear~ I've gotten gear in hoard packs, etc. that doesn't even measure up, 20 levels later. I've never purchased any of the mega bundles, so I don't own the set you mentioned, but I believe it depends on your wizard's level at the time of purchase (like the hoard packs). And hey, if the Crowns gear wasn't better than the in-game stuff, what incentive would people have to buy it (since KI is a business, blah blah).

/my 2 cents, for what it's worth.

May 19, 2012
It's not a problem that you can get crown items that are not available to free players, that's not what I am talking about here. The issue is that crown gear gives paying members an unfair advantage over non paying customers in game progression and that's not supposed to happen.

My storm wizard has less fizzles and can survive longer against monsters in the game in her crown gear that she simply doesn't have a chance against with in game gear. Therefore, in crown gear, she most definitely has an unfair advantage. This is the point I'm trying to make.

Being that she has crown gear, will I get rid of it? For obvious purposes, not, but this doesn't make it any less fair to those non paying customers. I have seen it said many times over that if it gives an unfair advantage to non paying customers, it won't happen, but that is simply not true as shown in my example above.

Mounts and pets are luxury items, and not essential to game play. Armor and weapons are essential in order to progress. Granted, these items are provided in game, but when it comes to giving paying customers an unfair advantage over non paying customers, this is where the line should be drawn. Let's not forget that many of these non paying customers may be your future paying customers.

Not all wizards are level 60 or 80. Maybe that's why there isn't any crown gear for those higher levels, I don't know, but how does that make it fair to those who are still working up to those levels?

As far as I'm concerned, crown gear should simply not exist or should be cosmetic for appearance purposes only and should not have stats on it. Let people stitch their stat armor/weapons to the crown gear or vice versa (I don't know how stitching works yet as I haven't stitched anything and probably won't until I hit level 80).

Also, why can't you dye crown armor like you can in game armor? Is there a reason behind that?