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I'm Balance and I'm proud

Feb 06, 2010
Okay balance is awesome. It's not balanced in fact it's so unbalanced that it's crazy. I managed to drop someone to half health using two spells. First I supernova-ed them then I mana burned them (They had 14 pips and a feint 30%, plus my 70% feint and a couple blades and traps) and they were wrecked. Then enfeeble-ed and they attacked with a puppy heckhound (Only 600 damage) then they fled in fear.Best. Moment. Ever. So balance is overpowered.
Critical Death

Jan 12, 2012
Even though I am a pyromancer, I have respect for the power of Balance

Jun 14, 2009
I personally love balance. It's my second school. But, my first school is Life and honestly the Life school gets a ton more "hate" than any other. People think we are the weakest wizards and all we're good for is healing! x sigh x

Dec 20, 2012
I am a Wizard. And I also agree that is very powerful.

Wolf Boomfist level 23 and counting 2nd

Aug 20, 2010
Some people say balance is weak and we all get offended, some people say balance is OP and needs a nerf and we, especially me, gets offended. What am I supposed to get offended at?

Apr 01, 2011
I had a very hard time with my balance in the beginning, especially in Marleybone. After I played with her more though, I grew to love the school! My balance forced me to think instead of mindlessly blading, shielding, trapping, etc. Working with her has helped me become a better player overall
Rebecca Bright Level 90
Miranda Shadowflame Level 90
Sabrina Emeraldblossom Level 86
Victoria Roseblood Level 82
Diana Moonflower Level 78
Christina Goldenheart Level 74

Jul 18, 2010
Excuse me? Balance? Weak? Ha! Yeah right !!! I deleted my lvl 10 for a !!!! IT IS AWESOME!!! Balance is so not weak, it is in fact very strong!!! If those of you are not satisfied with any of your wizards and are maxed out, and don't have a balance, try it!!!!

Feb 12, 2013
I agree! I love Balance, I am very, VERY smug about being a Sorcerer. Balance is powerful, it's tied for the second most reliable School, second to Life and tied with Death, it has no opposite, so there's no specific School it's vulnerable to, and it has all these generic charms and traps which can boost (or lower, in Weakness's case) the damage of any School, perfect to up the power of your Secondary School. Also, it won't trigger any School-specific traps or Blades you may have set up. Consider this: Your Secondary School is Fire, and you're fighting an Ice Boss, so you're setting up a major fire attack, using all different Fire Traps and Blades. Then, right before you attack, your opponent casts a Tower Shield! So what do you do? You cast a low- or zero-rank Balance attack spell (so as to not use up your mana or pips), getting rid of that Tower Shield and preserving your Blades and Traps. Plus it's got a cool mysterious air about it, having its classroom underground in another World. XD As I always say, Balance is Best!

~Mary TrollHunter
Master Sorcerer