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If you were producer for one day,,,

Jul 05, 2014
If you were producer/creator for one day, what is 1 thing you'd add to the game? I would add.... ( for you guys.. :) ) candy land world! It just sounds so fun! I am hoping we can visit Lydia Greyrose's home world!

Jun 19, 2010
If I were producer for one day, I'd:
  • Allow access to all the teachers and bosses houses
    This should be a permanent feature accessible via the Castle Tours
    You know you want to get a behind the scenes look into the lives of all the many characters we encounter in W101 too.
  • Infusion of more Pirates 101 content.
  • Allow you to team with 1-3 of your own wizards
    Makes it possible to team with 1-3 of your wizards; with them acting as henchmen. Where you click filters to get them to behave as a healer, defender, attacker, or a mixture of behaviors.
  • Allow players to battle themselves.
    You know you secretly want to fight yourself too!
  • Have a fish market or vendor in the Shopping District, or wherever fishing is permissible; where players can BUY and SELL any fish available in the game.
  • Allow players to hire a henchman to follow them while they're logged on; not just in battle.
  • Cause anyone who begs to be teleported into random battles they can't flee.
  • Allow members with friends and open chat be able to text to one another without any limitations.
    Anyone not in friends list, or under age continue to see multiple dots.
  • Allow players to see all pet talents before they train them.
  • Allow players to port to any friend; regardless of location.
  • Allow players to have spells that transmute their blades or traps their teammates can readily use.
  • Allow players to have spells that transfer their unused blades onto their teammates who can use them.
  • Allow pets to auto cast healing spells on teammates that need healing the most.
  • Allow healing spells to pass on healing effect to teammates when a player's maximum health is restored.
  • Create more events tied to seasons and holidays
    You know at Halloween, you want to trick or treat by clicking on a door to either receive a treat (random drop), or trick (you get attacked by a Halloween themed group), and in the winter, you want to have a snowball fight or go sledding, snowboarding, or skiing, Valentine's Day, you know you want to team with or fight cupid, etc

Jul 13, 2013
FunWizzygirl100 on Oct 11, 2014 wrote:
If you were producer/creator for one day, what is 1 thing you'd add to the game? I would add.... ( for you guys.. :) ) candy land world! It just sounds so fun! I am hoping we can visit Lydia Greyrose's home world!
I want dueling clubs, groups of wizards who are united and duel together.

Dec 30, 2012
I would add Darkmoor.
Of course, making a world in a day is impossible, but it is the thought that counts.

Mar 18, 2010
I'd probably add the ability to sit in your furniture instead of stare at it and run into it.
-Ashley Deathflame
Level 72

Jul 11, 2013
I would add some sort of new world where it's surrounded by a forest or something........ and you have to figure a way to escape it before anyone dangerous finds you I know it sounds a little spooky, but I think it's a cool idea.

~And also, where we get to visit/ "transfer" to Pirate101 and meet Boochbeard again!! It seemed so cool to go to Skull Island when I was doing the B.O.X.E.S Event, and I'd like to see Skull Island again on my wizard.

ExaltedHarbinger of Light

Sep 06, 2010
Free commander robes for everyone! JK. I'll probably make a really fun event for everyone, including free players. And tons of great prizes can be won. Maybe even an everybody wins raffle too.

Apr 16, 2014
I would create the ability within the game to have Guilds. Players with common interests or just want to form a club and keep in constant contact. I also would create a way to leave a message to offline players.

Those are my Two biggest wishes!

Scarlet ShadowStone Exalted
Scarlet SwiftRiver Level 25
Scarlet FireEyes Level 20

Aug 15, 2012
I would add something where I and only I could go around adding facial features and other body parts to peoples avatars in game. Such as:
  • tails
  • beards
  • mustaches
  • devil horns
  • snouts
  • lolling tongues
  • crossed eyes
  • mohawks

Feb 07, 2011
Dr. Von's first order of business would be to recode the colour palette so that both genders have access to all colours. Then, I'd give menu chat an upgrade and reprogram the filter to recognize Canadian English (because colour and favourite have 'u's in them, dangnabbit).

After that, I'd bring back Malistaire (and Sylvia, too- why not?) and create a world made entirely of fish paste. Death and ice cream for everyone!

-von "no one said it had to be useful stuff" shadowsong

Jun 17, 2012
  • the ability to hire your friends for crowns when they are not on, so since I am exalted, I would cost 400 crowns, I would receive 100 crowns (1 fourth of the crowns spent) and I would come back to the game with no life, no mana or halfway life, or whatever the outcome of battle may be.
  • the ability to pick your henchmen's spells I get so annoyed when my minion heals himself when I need healed, and he has full life.
  • and most importantly, a 100% better ending for khyrsalis. Morganthe made an incredible prophecy, only for morganthe to fall through the floor carrying a shadow orb and preforming the song of creation. (sorry for the spoilers) I was expecting something much more epic. like wizard city thrown into chaos, and an army of umbra soldiers roaming raven wood, patrolling. And the headmaster assisting you when you fight morganthe. or she brainwashes him and you have to fight him before morganthe.
Justin Firethief level 100, Michael level 59

Jun 24, 2013
* Ability to buy character-name changes
* Gear/mount design contests
* Character ages thru the game at set intervals, finally reaching age 18 to continue the fight
* In addition to what is in place, also be able to hire henchmen for 1 - 2 - 3 hours
* Give mounts attributes that add to the owners stats
* Special event administrator-lead world battles against invading bosses/armies

Aug 20, 2011
If I were producer for one single day, I would open a feedback thread to discuss ways to fix Player Versus Player gameplay. This thread would contain lots of user polls, asking about big issues like
  • puppeting,
  • the matching system,
  • queue watchers,
  • spamming with Cloak,
  • bullying,
  • new ranking categories,
  • no-treasure Ranked Play,
  • small increases to Storm gear's health and universal resistance
  • Diego's match-judging in tournaments
  • warnings about refunds for tournaments

Then at the end, I would ask players to list their biggest likes and dislikes. And, I would tell the players that we intended to do something with all that feedback and to stay tuned because it will take a while to implement it all in a way that works for the most people.

Jan 11, 2012
I would:

1) start coming up with spells that work well for ALL parts of the game. No more after effects that cater to one side or the other. I would create spells that have after effects for PvP and different ones for PvE (as needed) so a single spell is much more useful

2) I would allow a ONE TIME change to the age setting on the account with specific rules:
  • Any account that has had a wizard muted, EVER, can not change their age (this rewards the good players)
  • There would need to be some kind of verification process to validate an adult user
  • Once the change is made, if any wizard on an account gets muted, the WHOLE account gets muted. (punishes the bad players and forces SOMEBODY to be responsible for them)

3) redo the crafted spells. Any spell that matches your school that can be crafted, is now a level proper quest reward. Any spell outside of your primary school remains crafted, at the same level it is now.

4) allow people to change their wizards' names ONCE per lifetime of the wizard, per account (so if you have 6 wizards, you can rename each of them one time to group them together). This would allow for people to "theme" their wizards' names for easier recognition

5) I would bring back the 2pip wand and make it PvE only (since soo many PvP people complained hard core last time)

6) Bring back the god-like Malistaire as a secret boss (the 100k HP version) with no cheats, have all available death spells, and actually use them properly. This would be a SOLO fight, with no minions or henchmen allowed. When you won, you'd get some kind of badge, and hard to get gear.

7) expand Mastery gear and tactics by adding in Mastery Decks, being able to learn some of the currently untrainable Astral spells, etc

that's enough for now

Sep 08, 2013
the first thing i would add is mass feint, second thing would be trade items with the group members you are with, i have been in several groups oh dont know lets say morganthe. where i have got storm athame and they have got death amulet would be nice to do a trade off. and third would be where you can actually see the talents but still keep it a surprise on which ones it will learn that way you know at least what to hatch for what you need

Jan 11, 2012
oh, I would also make the rate of gear that gets dropped from monster sthat's useful for your character at the moment you get it, a little higher

Sep 07, 2010
I would create a pet show arena, and a pet auction block with the owner standing there.. let wizards live bid on your very specially raised pets with developed powers.

Iridian JadeThistle