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Idiosyncrasy in Wizard101: How do you do it?

Jun 08, 2009
For those dictionary readers who knew right off the bat what idiosyncrasy meant, I applaud you. Keep up the good work.

For those curious people who simply highlighted the word "Idiosyncrasy", right-clicked, and scrolled down to Search Bing/Google for 'Idiosyncrasy', I applaud you for your effort.

For those people who just waited for me to tell you what it meant, slackers - tsk, tsk.

Anyway, idiosyncrasy (n): an unusual feature of a person (Bing).

In other words...
What makes your character unique? In a MMORPG of millions of players, how do you keep yourself distinct from every other pyromancer, thaumaturge, conjurer, theurgist, necromancer, sorcerer, or diviner? Or do you strive to emulate others?

What I do:
As a Transorcerer (Transcendent Sorcerer), I use the Sidhe Staff, Atlantean robe and boots, and Waterworks hat to get sufficient damage (supplemented by an armament pet), perfect accuracy, and power pip chance. As I said in an other post: it affords me the knowledge of how much damage I will do (because Balance spells are mostly fixed damage), when i can hit (will also get a power pip), and that I will hit (never fizzle).

Because I really, really, really hate fizzling. Really.

Even though I'm halfway to Archmage, I don't have access to Avalon (cuz I'm still in Zafaria) or Mana burn/Supernova, so I settle for a series of gargantuan Judgments when defeating a non-balance boss. For those pesky balance ones, Chimera and Spectral Blast gotta do.

That's how I do it. How do you?

Feb 07, 2011
i prefer tangible stats over those that are luck-based, so i had my exalted diviner forgo critical in favour of high resist (40% universal) and block (over 200). her defensive stats are the highest of all 6 characters on my account (including 2 other exalted wizards, balance and death).

(she still has near-perfect accuracy, over 90% boost to damage, and some sweet incoming heal boosts; her power pip chance isn't great, but it's workable and sacrifices have to be made somewhere)

also worth noting: she has no level 90 or 100 elite gear in that setup.


Sep 19, 2013
I use a mega enchanted armament combined with a Jewel of the Apiary to give friends between 5-6 blades with little overlap in regards to other schools. Why more people aren't using it, especially Balance, is beyond me.

Mar 16, 2012
You just described powers/talents and stats as setting you apart from other wizards of your class and level, but an idiosyncrasy refers to a personality habit or quirk that makes you separate from others. Any other wizard may have the same gear or preference for certain attacks.
What makes my Necromancer different from other Death school wizards? Her personality, She has a dry wit and will often make a joke or sarcastic comment ( even in the face of defeat ); also, she doesn't wear black she's in gold and silver.

Jun 08, 2009
@Anecorbie: You're totally right; perhaps idiosyncrasy wasn't the right word. But I don't have chat anyway.

I guess I am one of those ultra nice types: I always Thanks for a shield, blade, or heal. I might be overly facetious but being unaware of what others are saying, I'm just trying to say that I don't take it for granted.