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idea's for new schools

Apr 10, 2009
warlockwizardmage wrote:
What would be awesome if we edit a few new schools a have a few idea's for a few new school

1# water school if you use fire on ice there you got water
2#air if you use fire with water you will get air
3#machine it's not magical but it's pretty awesome

well IMO that really wouldn't do anything for game play. plus storm is really water and air too, so that wouldn't even give new spell ideas that wouldn't fit in storm already. now other than just wanting new schools for fashion there has to be new game play too
myth: minions
storm: power
death:life steal
i really dont see how water or air will be new. Oh sorry to be so negitive, i like the machine idea though. they can focus on power increase, spells that make spells do more

David Thundergem lvl 48 diviner

Apr 10, 2009
here's an idea

metal: colors: gray & bronze
monsters:uses mosters like clockworks and/or golems
machanics: lots of charms to increase attack and cancel attacks all together, known as alchamy, people who study called alchamists
spell ideas:rank 3, coocoo clock, a smalls clock breaks open to show a large mechanical bird that attacks, 230-310 attack, 80% accuracy
rank 4, gear storm, gears scatter on the ground and lift up and fly at the target, 245-325attack to all enemies,80% accuracy

chance: colors: violet & blue
monsters: magicians and jokers
machanics:spells that have a lot at stake, they can backfire or do different effects, so naturally they have slightly more health then most others, the people who specialize called magicians, refered to as evocation, live for the unknown
spell ideas: rank 1, joker, small little creature in jesters out fit, 65-95, 85% accuracy
rank 3, trickster, a rat in mb in the formal cloths enther attcks the enemy or you, 290attack for enemy or 100 attack to you, 85% it hits 80% on enemy 20% on you
rank 5, wiz, a floating top hat and cane, 500 attack or 50, 85% it hits 70% with 500, 30% with 50
rank 7, snake eyes, a gaint hand appears and throws giant dice, if dice are: ( equal chance )
red= 600 fire
blue= 500 ice
purple= 700 storm
yellow= 550 myth
black= 450 death
green= 500 heal
to all enemies (or all team mates for last one), 85% accuracy

astral :D: colors:gold & light blue
monsters: space object, ex, comets and stars
mechanics: spells that attack all enemies, known as abjuration
spell ideas: rank 1, star, a small star flies at enemies, 85-100 attack, 75 accuracy
rank 4, comet, a bright blue comet crashes it to all enemies, 450 to all enimies, 75% accuracy
rank 7, eclips, an image appears of the sun, moon, and planets, when they aline they create a large solar eclips, 600 attack to all enimies and stuns, 75% accuracy

David Thundergem lvl 48 diviner