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Ice Wizards.. Enough Powerful?

Nov 26, 2011
Ice is a tank school. So it doesn't have good damage until the higher levels. But then, ice is far from weak....Kinda the opposite of storm.
-Jasmine FireBlade, level 86 pyromancer.

Feb 06, 2010
BrynnerOfReign on Jun 18, 2013 wrote:
Ice is weak in the lower levels. You don't get your blade until well into Mooshu.

My Promethean Ice has soloed the entire game, including all dungeons (and side dungeons). I worked really hard on her gear throughout the game by doing a lot of crafting. Once you hit level 56 and can craft the Wintertusk gear, it's smooth sailing from there.

No matter what level an Ice is, you still have to blade and trap more than other schools. But, if one can learn the school inside and out, knowing it's strengths and weaknesses, it can be an awesome school.

I am the super-tank Ice that Dr. Von is talking about. It's not just the resist I have, but my health and playing style that makes me a tank in any situation.

For PvE, my basic gear stats are:

Health: 6120
Damage: 45
Resist: 84 Fire, 80 Storm, 51 to all others
Healing: 31%
Resist: 178 - 221
Pips: 74%
Accuracy: +6%
Critical: 167

The stats are my running around PvE gear. I do carry several different gear sets, so my stats can change depending on what type of battle and what type of school I'm fighting.

Ice is made for defense. It's made to last in a battle while we take the time to blade and trap.

super-tank Brynn, L90 Ice
See! If you play it smart in all categories you get this, a giant thaurmaturge that even malistaire the undying flees from. Ice is powerful enough. In reality all schools are equal. With ice you just master your build and take your time. With balance you just find the balance of all the madness that we call wizard101 (LOL). With storm you hit hard and play it safe. With fire you prevent triages and you sit back and burn them as you defend yourself. With myth you keep the focus on your minion as you blade up for a big hit. With life you heal yourself and allies as you unleash forest lord (Chewy). With death you blade up as you take damage then you drain back your health. Well those are my strategies at least. Now a bunch of people are criticizing schools and I want that to stop. All schools are equal.
"Just find your comfort zone"

Jul 02, 2009
So you guys are saying that ice is the true overpowered school. Seriously? 6000 health, 0% fizzle rate, high damage( if you adapt) good block rate, and high critical? And pip stealing even more so than myth? They're made to dominate pvp with resistance to everything, and that spell that can steal healing over time. And if all of this isn't enough, ice gets a bunch of stuns too. Ice is overpowered! Why call it player vs player? It should be ice vs ice. Yes ice is powerful enough!

May 10, 2013
Ice Wizards have stunning and taunts.

Storm has the Most Power,
While Ice has the Most Resistance

Professor Draco

Moon if the Thief, While the Sun is above us, and the stars dance

Jul 09, 2013
DemeCharls on Jun 16, 2013 wrote:
Well yeah as you noticed i'm an ice wizard ;D
Alicia Starbloom level 52
And well I got back my membership for Summer (YAY!) and i wanted to ask this:
Am I the only one that thinks that the Ice school is the weakest school?
I'm not complaining at all! I love ice spells, and i also like the fact that we are the school with the biggest defense. But Ice wizards start to dissapear since its not beneficial for players to choose the school with the lowest attack...

What do you think?
yay i think ice wizards are cool i love them. i think head master will be mad