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Ice Wizard, not the Wizard of choice.

Jun 26, 2009
Oh, and by the way, I multiplied 3700 which is about right for Ice health, and multiplied it by 1.38 to factor in resistance. Guess what it equaled 5106! If you dont believe me try it. A simple equation. I forgot to put in some information from a battle I had against Ice. Basically he started, I lost. I am no private in pvp, with a 34-26 record with Death veteran who was knight before a loss, 6-4 with Storm, and a veteran with Balance. Firstly with their block rating, although I constantly got criticals with my rating of 140, everytime he blocked it. I had 7 shields against Ice+Storm 70%, and 5 Tower shields! Yet I couldnt shield against Snow Angel, with his 40% blade, 35% blade, and his Ice dome, which I tried hard to keep down with my Fire dome. All I could do was shield, heal, minion, fire dragon. I lasted 10 rounds against this Ice wizard who could never not get an Ice critical. I felt proud oof myself to last against Ice when they started for that long, and get him down to a tousand at one point! (But just one point.)

Aug 13, 2010
And your a death wizard! You may see Ice wizard spells, but Snow Angel is stronger than Ra and Forest Lord! With Ice Blade, Ice Trap, Elemental Blade, and Elemental Trap, I did a good 1364! And add Balefrost and Feint, about 1764, and add critical, about 2743, and keep adding and adding and you'll be surprised!

Dec 13, 2008
ALL OF U DONT PAY ATTENTION! At the beginning of the game it says BALANCE is the most powerful and you'll be highly respected if u were a master of balance because its challenging to get that title.javascript:emoticon('');

Aug 31, 2008
I am ice and ice wizards have the most health. My secondary school is life and and i am ic. So i have healing spells and damage. And because of our health advantage those monster would rather go fur us ice wizards. You have it easy every spell is i hurt them and get ten life. You know what, we are more powerful in health. We may be cold hearted and cold blooded by magic, but we are not the walking dead.Dont ever call the ice wizards weak. we are the most strongest wizards and you can take that to the bank