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I wish Life had more attack spells

Mar 18, 2010
cealwutka wrote:
I have a Life Wizard about to be a grand master.

I find that I have plenty of attack spells. My level 6 attack spell is great. I use the level 4 (Seraph) most of the time and get great results with a blade and trap.

I have soloed most of the game so far, even the Labyrinth (used a couple henchmen when I got impatient).

My level 48 spell was a little disappointing since I expected a multi-heal spell.

I have done far more damage with this wizard than healing. I found this school easier to play than Myth.

Rebirth is a multiplayer healing spell.

I find my attack spells do quite well if I build them well. I do miss having a multiplayer damage spell from time to time. I have been spoiled by sandstorm and power nova on my balance character.

Megan Frostriver Grandmaster Theurgist
Megan Frostbringer Grandmaster Sorcerer

Sep 20, 2008
Angelocean wrote:
What catboy said
Well, If you think Life has 7 heals, 5 attacks. If you all had a life wizard that you USED on a daily basis you would get sick of everyone calling you the healer and feeling guilty of barley doing ANY damage but just healing and shielding.

May 24, 2008
Due to time constraints in my life, I had to solo most of the game with only my little sprite minion to help and am a Grandmaster Life (this was before the henchmen were available to help too). I teamed up with friends only for the big bosses and towers. The key to Life is having a solid secondary school (Fire and Storm provide the heavy hitting power although the drawback is having to wait for pips to access the higher spells).

Life can be very powerful if used properly with the spells and the minion. That being said, however, I was disappointed that at Level 48 we received two healing spells; one via a pet that provided a spell we already had (Satyr to cast satyr). I would have much preferred a pet that provided an attack spell to augment the multihealing spell. For those who keep claiming that Life is a "secondary support school", I don't think that is the true intent of KingsIsle. All schools have their strengths and weaknesses and, while KingsIsle clearly encourages team battles, each school is designed to stand alone except for the most difficult of boss battles.

I don't think it is correct to relegate Life wizards to being only your support staff. If that were the case, Life would have no attack spells at all. In classic Role Playing Fantasy games (either Dungeons and Dragons or the wealth of CRPGs that came out for PCs and Video consoles) the equivalent of the Life school is the cleric class. I assure you, a well crafted cleric in any of those games can be a formidable attack class and is not just for healing everyone else.

My hope is that KingsIsle (with the release of Celestia) will take Life concerns under consideration and provide us with either a more powerful minion that can cast higher level attack spells (such as Centaur) or will make our next spell an attack spell comprable to the attacks the other schools gained at Level 48.

Mar 25, 2010
catboy2197 wrote:
christopher62597 wrote:
Hey everyone its me again. I know that Life is the school for healing and I know that Life has some attacks but I wish they had a bit more. I'm not asking for all attack spells but I hope KI would put more attacks for Life when the lvl cap raises. Also I bet you a lot of Therugists would agree.

Plz post some of your ideas for Life attack spells, or comment, or both, but as always ty for reading!

Christopher JadeBlade
lvl. 50 Therugist
Savior of the Spiral

It's life school, not storm school. Life is healing, storm is attack, ice is defense, fire is damage over time, death is health draining, myth is minions and balance has a little of everything but also has a lot of shields, blades and the things like that.

Catboy2197 ..

Yes, You're perfectly Right, Life is healing, And ice is Defense

But the thing is, Even though Ice Is Defense They have a 5-Pips Spell and 2 AoE Attacks (Attack All Of The Enemies)

And Fire Have The healing spell, Link

And Death Has More Traps Than Any Other School, Surprisingly More Than Balance

Life Specializes in Healing, That doesn't mean they have to be bad in everything else, It should be Moderate