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i was wondering which is better myth or storm hurr

Jan 13, 2009
:twisted i have been wondering which is better myth or storm it is just annoying and i need to know so i can make one! :P :?

Dec 02, 2008
If either were "better" in that generality, then it would be unbalanced and it would be imperative for KingsIsle to fix that.

Storm does does the most damage per pip, while myth gets the best minions.

Nov 20, 2008
myth is a good school because you will get lots of minion and there isn't many myth monster. there is a few in wizardcity and in mooshu the only problem is your teacher but myth is a really great school

storm is also a good school the strongest attack but low accury (spelled it wrong) but you will get spell for that to incrase it and if you choose balance for second school that will boost it more storm is also fun

it's hard but you have to choose

Oct 17, 2008
Really, its impossible to say which is better.

Most people would answer on opinion, but not fact. Truth is, they're both pretty amazing. In my opinion, storm is the best because of its power. Of course, it does fizzle a lot. That is a flaw. Myth is storm's opposite and is mostly about minions. I think the first spell you learn is a golem minion spell! So it depends on what you think you like better.

Maybe someone else can give you some better ideas on which to use. Hope that helped.

A+ Student
Jan 05, 2009
All of the wizard schools have benefits and weaknesses. For example, Storm has very powerful spells but fails casting them a high percentage of time.

The best response would be to make up one of each and play them to see what fits your own 'gaming' style. There is no rush here, have fun at the lower levels and get a feel for your character and his/her spells and abilities.