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I need some help.

Mar 24, 2009
So, I made a death for PvP who is currently level 32, but just leveled up at Loremaster. I want to keep my account at level 33 or below before getting deer knight as I want to do low level magus Pvp. I am worried because I started farming at level 30 and I have gained like 30K EXP from Loremaster, including the 7K or 9K(not sure which) from the quest. Thats like 21k exp. I have around 500 kills and no deer knight.

I don't want to resort to packs because my friend spent 120k in crowns on knight's lore pack and didn't learn deer knight which he wanted to learn. He ended up quitting after that.

SO the big question is: how should I get Deer knight without acquiring exp?