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I need help on knowing some good Farmed Gear

Dec 08, 2012
Can anyone help me with knowing some good Farm Gear with resistance? Resistance means everything to me so any good No Auction gear with resistance would be gladly accepted. Can anyone give me a list of Farmed Gear that I could farm for? It could be for any level. When I say gear, I mean gear of all kinds from Hat to Deck and everything in between (except pets). Just to let you know, I already know about the gear you can farm for in Aquila and Waterworks. But the Level 30 gear doesn't really give resistance to all schools except for the hat. The level 70 gear is nice but I would prefer to get the crafted gear over the Level 70 gear from Atlantea. Also, I already know about all equipment you can get from Tartarus and the secret bosses so any other boss that you can farm at for good gear will be helpful. Even thou damage IS nice to have, I prefer resistance over damage. If I can get both, then that would be excellent so can anyone help me? If do reply, then make a list of things I could farm for along with the level required for it, the school (if it's for a specific school only), and what boss in what world I can farm at. Thanks for reading and can anyone please reply for once? I got posts in which has no replies over like 10 to 15 days and some that only has 1 reply for like 7+ days. I'm not trying to force you to reply but can someone out there in the Message Boards help me with this? Just tell me all the gear you can think of that's able to be farmed for. Any gear mentioned will be acceptable.

Jun 08, 2009
It sounds like you already know about the best farmed gear. I prefer the Waterworks gear or the resistance Hades gear set. For me, resistance isn't everything. I try to find a balance between outgoing damage and resistance. Sometimes that means mixing crafted and dropped gear. I usually lean toward Damage over Resistance.

We review gear often at Duelist101.com at all levels. If you look on the menu under Wizard101, you will find our gear guides. You can also use the search feature. We also discuss questing and PvP strategies that may help you not need so much resistance. Good luck!

Jul 10, 2009
As a general rule, I agree with Heather. However, if your not a high enough level or can't get the athame from Aqulia, then I would recommend the Kimba's Fang from Zafarica. It gives 310 health and 250 mana along with twenty percent Power Pip chance, which is probably only a problem for Ice. Its dropped in Mirror Lake and by the guy at the end of Black Sun Palace.