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I know I can press ignore, but...

May 17, 2011
Seriously. This is out of control. I was on my level 16 balance wizard Autumn moonsong, when my good friend Paul (For his sake, I won't include his wizard's full name) wispered to me. He said hi. I said hi back, and then he said that if i gifted him he would help me quest and level up and pvp. I apologized and said that i only gift my irl friends. He deleted me. This didn't upset me, but what I heard next did. my friend spoke to me the next day. Her little brother had been asked to gift. He had refused and his friend unfriended him. This is happening to little kids. Very young kids play wizard101. There should be some way to stop it. Like, maybe a "request gift" button on the player's menu where you can ignore, report, and friend people. Then you could click yes or no. You could have a " allow gift request" option in your spellbook.

I think that would solve a lot of our big problems.

Apr 10, 2010
That was no friend, in my opinion. A friend will help just because, not for payment. That's what henchmen are for and they don't boss you around in a battle either. lol

My various wizards help their friends too, but if I feel the need to finish a quest, I will tell them. Sometimes, they're willing to help and other times they want to continue on their quest line. Its all good. But to ask/demand payment for "helping", that isn't helping. "Friends" such as this quickly get struck from my friends list.

Mar 18, 2009
laulenak wrote:
I think that would solve a lot of our big problems.

My advice is to choose your friends wisely. True friends won't even ask you to gift them, thereby solving most of the subsequent problems.