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I had an idea for a Sir Reginald Baxby Quest!

Apr 30, 2009
You know how you can't start the next Zeke quest until you finish the one for the last world (minus the one for Wizard City, of course) Well, I had an idea!

Sir Reginald Baxby sends you on a quest to defeat 2 of EVERY SINGLE MONSTER IN THE WORLD! This includes:

Specific species (As in, for Marleybone, 2 shrewd scratchers and 2 deadly scratchers, etc., not just 2 scratchers)

This does NOT include:

School-only quest enemies, (like Nimah the Wicked)

When you finish the quest, you'd get an amazing amount of experience (Like around 1000 for Wizard city... honestly, that's a LOT of fighting) a training point, and a badge? Like... add a whole page more of badges JUST for his quests? Something like....

Wizard City Hunter
Krokotopia Hunter
Marleybone Hunter
MooShu Hunter
Dragonspyre Hunter
Grizzleheim Hunter
Celestia Hunter
Spiral Hunter

And for the Spiral Hunter badge, you'd have to go defeat one of every single enemy in the game - starting with Wizard city, then go back and talk to him in Wizard city. Then in krokotopia, then talk to him in krokotopia to keep going to the marleybone enemies, etc.

When you finish this, you get one random piece of Grandmaster Gear for your school or some REALLY strong treasure cards for your school, plus a great deal of experience!