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I don't have a spell deck

Jul 06, 2012
I decided to make another character a long time ago and I finally decided to go back on. When I did i found out that I was still at the tutorial, luckily I was able to get out of it my teleporting to my dorm. I am still able to get quests, I just don't have any spells to complete these quest. I would be nice to get spells...can anyone help me?

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Erica 28
Eric 18
Emily 15
Edward 1

Jan 27, 2012
Still at the Tutorial? Of course you didn't get your spell book! Wasn't there an option to skip it without teleporting anywhere? Just restart. If you were in the tutorial it's not like you quested much anyway.

Mar 31, 2009
Talk to Ambrose. He will set you on the correct path. In the future instead of clicking Go To Dorm. There is an option to "Skip Tutorial" I think that would work better!

Nov 24, 2010
Check with your teacher in Ravenwood and make sure you have all of the spells they have to offer at your level.

Jul 06, 2012
Thanks for the replys, from what it looked liked, I logged off at the tutorial and when I got back on I was stuck, yet no spell deck. I might just make a new character that looks just like the character I already made.

Jun 09, 2015
This is what you need to do. Go to all of your teachers, get some spells. Pick a secondary school and learn only that schools spells. Your wizard has capacity for 2 1/2 full school spells. Go to the bazar, and buy a large deck for cheap, and farm bosses or fishing to earn coins.