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i can't do it alone

Apr 13, 2011
so with the newest update (and practically the most useful) i have used the team up! feature 4 times and the previous three i tried to do water works but my teams kept leaving and the last time we acctually used the 2nd lever but they bailed before we could continue step they kicked me off there friends list and just left without a word. why do they do this why would they even enter if they would leave so soon. i actually want to get this done with out spending crowns. i am not asking anyone to meet me but just tell me why they would just leave.

Kyle Earthshard () Level 61

Kane Star () Level 24

Mar 14, 2009
I understand your problem! people have done this to me before, and idk why either. however, i've been looking for a questing partner and I would be interested in partnering with you. just let me know!