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I can't decide which school is the best!

Jun 23, 2012
So, I am a Wizard 101 fanatic. I am already a really high level in my current game. I'm a life wizard. But i am going to make a new game and i hope to make it just as awesome. The problem is, I can't decide which school! I'm hoping to count up what everyone says and pick the top voted school. Please say what school you think is the best and why. I'll take life votes anyway in case I should play through as life again . Thanks!

Mar 29, 2012
i should choose for a balance wizard, why?

i have on this moment a level 53 balance wizard, and balance have some really nice spells. Judgment,power nova,Ra and more of that great spells.
i really like the balance school.

and i just start with my second wizard and that is a death wizard, with life as secondary school,thats also a great combination :)

i hope that is help you further ;)

Michael drakehunter: Level 53 balance wizard
Michael drakefinder: Level 10 death wizard

Dec 28, 2010
if you want the strongest spells the best damage the highest accuracy(when your a higher level) also the most critical then pick storm strongesst school

Feb 29, 2012
No school is better then any other school.

Storm - High attacks, the highest in the beginning but it has the lowest starting accuracy and lowest health of all schools.

Fire - Has DoTs, but the second lowest accuracy and health. Has the second highest damage.

Ice - High health and resist, but it's attacks and accuracy are low and moderate respectfully.

Balance - This school is just in the middle. It can heal somewhat, but it can also attacks.

Life - Low attacks, the second highest health and high accuracy. This school can also heal.

Death - Medium accuracy, low base attacks but half the health goes back to the caster. The health is moderate.

Myth - This school has medium health, accuracy, and attacks. But, they can take away shields and they have good minions.