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I am so frustrated it aint funny

Nov 30, 2009
I am in Zafaria and trying to finish the Savannah BUT WHY in God's Green Earth I cannot have get or help for certain quests, when its perfectly fine to help others???? I understanding about quests for pets and spells but these arent for spells.... I am talking about the Quest Mane of Terror and the other one from Nemean Rock .... Its not Fair. Just seriouslly annoyed and frustrated

Destiny MoonDreamer Life/Death Level 70

Aug 28, 2011
It's fine being frustrated, God knows I have. Almost everyone has at one point in the game. Trust me when I say that hundreds of people have done that quest and I know you can too. Just when you can't do it, get off and take a break than try again. Best of luck

Aug 23, 2012
Most people dont help because they are busy doing other things. I have friends who pester me non-stop to "help them farm" or "help them with a boss" yet I am busy doing my own quests, or just hanging out with my friends for some chill time.

Jul 22, 2009
Stack up on some Treasure cards lol getting into Avalon wasn't easy solo that Shaka guy was hard!!!!!

Apr 25, 2009
It doesn't help for us soloer's that the hirelings that you can purchase in the crown store are dumber then a box of rocks and know just what spell to cast to totally screw the fight up or get you killed. When you pay money for something you want something with a higher mentality then a 5 yr old and actually comparing the hirelings to a 5 yr old is kinda insulting to the 5 yr old. sry. But it would be helpful to us soloers if you could put a quarter of a brain in some of those guys. Watched one try 4 times to try to stun a stun resistant boss. Really, 1st 2 times wasn't enough of a clue that your throwing away pips that you need to try 2 more times to be sure. SO you made the hirelings to help people when others aren't around then you make them brainless that causes the buyer more grief. Yeah that's a good way to keep customers happy.

Nov 30, 2009
Tinywhiney and Turnip .... you did not help .... this side quest is only for what it seems as a training point .... And I know people are busy.... I get killed before the duel has even started and I am so frustrated it aint funny... I agree with castlelock.

I bought a Talos and they killed him in the first round after i brought him up.... I cant even get enough pips to hurt him let alone stay alive. (heavy sighs) what do I do

Jul 30, 2012
Leave it. Come back when you have levelled up. Go complete various side quests and level up. Everything is tremendously easier when you are 2 or 3 levels higher.

Difficulty in this game is primarly based on wizard level. Higher the level, easier things are. Also, the more you solo and learn to fight on your own the better wizard you become. If you always rely on friends or henchmen your strategies won't evolve.

(No, i am not saying people should only solo. I'm saying solo play is good for learning solid battle strategy and honing your skills)

Feb 18, 2013
The first thing I was astonished with, and very annoyed with in this game was the multi-player restrictions. It almost destroyed my interest in the game.

BUT, as a generally Solo player, I made do and learned the intricacies of the game to my advantage.

The only thing I use crown mercenaries for is; a living life shield. (They get threat, and absorb a few spells, while I buff up). They are completely worthless as player replacements. And as someone said, actually do more harm than good if used incorrectly.

Once I got to level 50+, I had to start finding people to 'trade' quests/dungeons with. MY RL friends/family let me 'use' their Wizards when they are not. Which is awesome. And I do the same for them.

I'm not on all the time, but I will come help if I am, and can. Look me up (I have no idea how you find someone, so let me know if you find out how )

PS. I am a newbie (of 3 months gaming in Wizard101), but pretty fast learner.