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I am a Life wizard,but what should my secondary be

Feb 16, 2013
I am a life wizard, but I am trying to decide if I should have fire, or storm as my secondary...

From what I see in the cards I can train for in fire, is, at level 22 I could get meteor shower, which hurts all the bad guys, But I see storm does not have a card like that, or atleast I think... so I am thinking about going for Fire...but....Does storm have a card that can hurt everyone, that I can train for? Because if it does, I would get Storm because it does more damage then fire....I think....

So over all, Should I get Fire, or storm for my secondary class? And why?


Oct 29, 2013
To my knowledge Storm does not have a trainable attack all enemies spell like Meteor Strike.

Here are some other things to consider while you weigh the pros and cons of Fire and Storm. Storm is known for dealing big, big damage. Fire spells have more accuracy than Storm spells. Fire also has more health than Storm, but that's a moot point because your primary school is Life. :)

Hope this helped a little.

Miranda Nightsinger, Archmage Necromancer
Scarlet Windhammer, Journeyman Pyromancer

Sep 17, 2012
In my opinion neither. You shouldn't choose secondary schools for attack spells. Death is an obvious choice because feint helps any school and the drain attacks are a perfect counter when you have to fight Life. It's still not smart to rely of any secondary school attacks. As you grow and level up you will find that all your gear will boost your main school. This along with power pips being first school only makes all your own school attacks far more powerful than any secondary school, regardless of what school you are.

Jun 10, 2011
Definitely go with fire. Fire provides you with meteor strike, which attacks all enemies. Life doesn't get an AOE until level 58.

Nov 27, 2011
What I recommend is getting fire spells until you get meteor, and then choose between ice ( until you get tower shield) or balance (until you get weakness or sandstorm) you can actually ignore ice and balance if you're not planning to pvp, if you're not, then you should go to death, you'll get feint

Richard FrostBreeze level 77
Brahm NIghtShade level 31

May 23, 2009
The only 2 universal spells for Storm that I know of are tempest and storm lord, which are both received from quests. I think Fire would be a good choice, you need some good attacks since Life focuses mostly on healing rather than offense. Myth could also create a good combination. Ice and Balance seem a little redundant with Life because they both focus on defense, which you should have covered

-Chris DarkHeart/SandBreaker

Oct 23, 2011

I propose you to save traning points for the Moon school and the other schools you will get in Celestia Or you could train death for feint, ice for tower shield, balance for spirit blade and spirit trap...
When you will be a higher level your second school will be useless (If you take a ravenwood second school) ...

To answer your question, i would say Storm because of the bigger attacks. There is no storm spell who hits everyone that you can get with training points.

-Paul NightBreeze level 91

Jun 10, 2012
I went with fire as a secondary on my life wizard (now level 74), not just for Meteor Strike, but also for Fire Elf--life doesn't have any DOT, and Fire Elf is very useful against ice enemies who spam tower shields. Both spells are still useful at the upper levels when boosted with Colossal

Jul 27, 2010
Well, if you're looking for the big attacks, then storm, but since I have a life, it does get annoying since they don't have any all attack spells. For me, I'd say Fire first, and then Storm. c:

"Stop worrying about what you lost, and focus on what you have to gain." ~
Rebecca 48
Rebecca 95

Oct 22, 2011
Unless you have a Mastery Amulet for your secondary school, it's not worth the effort to train. The only reason to train other schools, is to get Tower Shield, Feint, and Balance Tri-Blades & Tri-Traps.

Once you hit Mooshu, or the end of Mooshu, secondary schools for attack purposes are pretty much useless. Sure, Life is not easy to play until you finally get Forest Lord, but by using just your school, you learn it inside and out. You figure out what works and what doesn't. It does take longer for battles, but dang, you have those heals. Solo play is not easy, but it is doable. Team play is where Life shines.

Apr 23, 2009
My Life character currently only trained Ice to Tower Shield and used the other training points for PvP-centered spells like Conviction,Infection, and Cloak. If you don't plan on doing PvP, you could train Death to Feint. That +70% trap is really helpful when fighting bosses.