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How to set up a good deck

Dec 09, 2008
If you are a master with all spells then put max Colossus, Helephant, Stormzilla, Centaur, Wraith, or Minotaur in your deck. Put max traps in too. Healing cards are good so put about one away from max in the deck.
Put in won minion ( or two if you feel like it ) and a sheild that works against your enemy. I forgot to say max wards. If these don't fit in your deck try to put in most of them. :) And put a Global spell in.
One more thing put in a area attack if you are that kind of wizard, by that I mean if your wizard type isn't life or death, because they dont have area attack like Earthquake, or Blizzard etc. There you go.
Wait death will get a ScareCrow spell soon that attacks all so that too.