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How to get a Maximum Damage Hit for each character

Apr 01, 2009
When posting replies to this topic please include: your class, the class of monster attacked, the combination of shield cards used, the attack card used, and its point value; the Point Value of the hit; whether this was accomplished with only the cards from your spell deck.

Jun 17, 2009
ok my maximum damage was over 15,000 with my death wizard.

death wizard level 30

i used

on me.
death blade +40%
spirit blade trained from balance tree +30%
treasure spirit blade +35%
treasure enhancement spirit blade +40%

on enemy.
first was prism (i actually find it can be any class changed to life)
death trap +30%
death trap treasure +35%
death trap treasure enhancement +40%
Spirit trap trained balance tree +25%
spirit trap treasure +30%
spirit trap enhancement +35%
Feint +70
treasure feint +70%
treasure enhancement feint +70%
curse +20
treasure curse +30
treasure enchantment curse +35%
total=635% so with a vampire 375*635% is 23,810 damage

all of this was death only spells boost..
i could have balance's blade storm and blade.. not to mention the treasures and enchantment.

lets add up some more
balance blade +25
balance blade treasure +30
balance blade treasure enchantment +35
blade storm +20
blade storm treasure +25
blade storm treasure enchantment +30

hex +30
treasure hex +35
treasure hex enchantment +40
total= 270% add both up its 270+635%= 905%

So 375*905%=33,93.75 round up its 33,940

highest death attacking gear total on a grand is around 35-45 i last saw so add that in with highest percent

905+45%=950*375=35,62.5 round up 35,630

with a wraith treasure enchantment with 575 attack

575*950%=54,62.5 round up = 54,630 damage!!

and half of that damage heals me =X. 54,630/2=27,315 (heals to me)

i didn't have my only damage attack gears on while doing this as it took forever to get the right amount of cards.

i am waiting for some treasure enchantment cards in the shop or if someone has them please give them to me as i will make a video for you tube or screen shots for the wizard101 team =) cheers happy fighting.

Jun 17, 2009
actually i find this rather wrong i assume they don't go by total % i believe that they go percent times the damage each time you add in another % increased attack.

i posted an attack over 197,XXX damage i made a video on you tube but it seems that wizard101 won't let me post it.

Dec 23, 2008
It's a straightforward calculation. Multiply by the percentage of each bonus or penalty, including clothing boosts, school boosts, etc.

For example, my fire wizard has a cloak which gives +5%, and he's fighting an ice opponent which gives him an additional +15%. Throw in a fire trap for +25%, a fire blade for +30%, and a +20% fire aura. (Don't bother writing back telling me these numbers are wrong. I'm making them up because I'm too lazy to look it up.) Oh, and you're fighting in Dragonspyre, so of course you also have a -25% Weakness on you. Then you play a 200 point fire damage card.

total damage = (1+0.05) x (1+0.15) x (1+0.25) x (1+0.30) x (1+0.20) x (1-0.25) x 200

Round off the answer, and you've got the final answer. Well, in most cases. There's some weird rounding error somewhere that can throw off the final result by 1-3 points from time to time.

Sep 28, 2008
tracinjd wrote:
actually i find this rather wrong i assume they don't go by total % i believe that they go percent times the damage each time you add in another % increased attack.

This is correct, if you notice the attack, each time a blade/trap/enhancement is used, that percentage is added into the attack. and congrats on the awesome numbers on your attack. I recently assisted another in a wraith attack. after the convert to life and life's boost, deaths boosts and my balance boosts, he hit for over 113,000. We did not do a video but we did take pictures :)
When he hears of your attack, I am sure we will be back on the streets trying to do it again lol.

James DreamRider
GrandMaster Balance

Jun 17, 2009
HAHA well i believe this is what i used

death blade 40%
spirit blade trained 35%
spirit blade treasure 40%
balance blade from friend trained 25%
balance blade treasure 30%
blade storm 20%
blade storm treasure 30%

death trap 30%
necklace death trap 35%
death trap treasure 35%
death trap enchantment treasure 40%
spirit trap trained 25%
spirit trap treasure 30%
spirit trap enchantment treasure 35%
feint trained 70%
feint treasure enchantment 70%
hex from balance friend 30%
treasure hex from balance friend 35%
curse 20%
curse treasure 30%
curse treasure enchantment 35%
Monsterous treasure +175 to spell card
death prism

used skeleton pirate.

i believe thats all maybe you can go to MAX damage title in youtube my in game name is james soulshade so now i know i did alot =)

Jul 21, 2009
I have seen (not personally but a screenshot) of a tempest hit of over 50 Million. Yes, MILLION. its posted on that other wizard101 forum for all to see. amazing

Jan 27, 2009
ok there are going to be a lot of skeptics on this one but personally i have done over 200,000,000 with tempest, using all compatible boosts, like normal and amulet and 7 different versions of it in treasure form using things like accurate, keen eyes, sniper, tough, strong, giant, and monstrous, plus the amulet and pet versions of darkwind, windstorm, storm trap, and balance blade(from the dragon) etc. and the fact that i am a level 50 storm with the best gear totaling a 35% boost for storm, all against a Dragonspyre storm bos with a convert and the myth traps after the convert=a really big hit here is a list of what was used.

8 windstorms giving 20% and 1 amulet one giving 25%
8 storm trap giving 25% and 1 amulet version giving 35%
8 storm blade giving 30%
1 amulet darkwind giving 35%
8 elemental blades giving 35% and 1 special one that gives 40%
8 balance blades giving 25% and a pet one that gives 30%
8 bladestorm giving 20%
8 hex giving 30%
8 feint giving 70%
8 curse giving 20%
my 35% clothing boost
the 8 myth traps giving 25%
and the type boost giving about 35% for this level boss.

that's going to take a while to calculate, good luck!

Jun 17, 2009
doubt it but.. i think the screen was rigged however.. storm has more traps and are mainly power houses i am talking about a death player

Feb 15, 2009
lol your numbers and math are giving me headaches :? ug
but heres a way to get 999,999,999 damage on all but balance
prisms give you an endless stream of traps
say with centaur go life prism then life trap death prism death trap and so on and so forth it takes hours but it works also use blades addiotional traps dont change the affect they just make the wait time shorter.