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How this game has changed my life.

Feb 03, 2013
Hello fellow wizards! I hope you all are having fun in the spiral! I would like to take time to honor and congratulate KingsIsle in their expansion of Khrysalis. I would like to talk about how much this game means to me. Even though I am an "older" player than most kids playing this game, it has gotten me through some rough times. I could just get on this game and let everything wash away as I saved Marleybone from the wretched O'leary gang and the sneaky cat Meowriarty. I have been on a one year journey of magical encounters and I speak on behalf of all my friends when I say, this game is amazing. I am currently in the end of Avalon and I would like to say, this world was awesome! KingsIsle has done an outstanding job in making this game a truly magical experience. From meeting all the different and lovely teachers on your first day of school, to defeating the wicked Malistaire on the top of Dragonspyre Academy. I will definitely never forget this game. I hope in the future KingsIsle will continue this amazing journey with us wizards and I will be able to quest a little longer with 35 million other wizards. Now, I would like to hear your story, how KingsIsle/Wizard101/Pirate101 has changed your life. I bet you guys have amazing experiences as well!
Ashley Griffin Level 81
Mackenzie PixieDust Level 49

Feb 18, 2010
Eh, mine isn't very exciting. This game got me addicted and stopped me from exercising for weeks lol. I now gained a bit of fat on my stomach. Still, kinda changed my life :P

Angus Ghostriver 95
Blaze Lifebreeze 72

Jan 21, 2014
well i used to be extremely shy.... but know just a little, my life has changed, know instead of being boring, know i have imagination again! my shyness is almost gone because the friends i am getting, and know i have more interest in nature! thanks kingsisle

isaac goldheart lvl 23

Nov 01, 2012
Made me realize how badly I wanted to go to Hogwarts >.<
Made me a bit more antisocial and nicer to authority...just a little bit.

Mar 29, 2012
I am also an adult gamer and just like you this game helped me through some excruciatingly difficult and ugly times. When there seemed to be no hope and only darkness in my life, this game gave me a safe place to be. A place where good always triumphed over evil and hard work always payed off. Where things are simple and bad words are filtered out. Where the community is caring and if not you can just put them on ignore. I hung in there and fought in real life as well as in this beautiful world of the spiral. Things are getting better. I have spent way too much on this game, but it was worth every penny. No therapy could have done for me what this game did and continues still to do. It seems like just a game but it is really so much more. Thank you just doesn't say it, but it will have to do.

Amber Raven Song, Max

Jun 17, 2011
This game may appear as "childish" or "just a way to make us waste our money" but it is so much more than that. My family used to be distance at some times, but now, through wizard101, we all have become so much closer. Now, instead of being people who want nothing to do with each other (in my brother and I's case) we all have something in common. We have become so much closer through this game.

Thank You Kingsisle!
Grace 81
Logan 93
Llewella 90
David 65

May 18, 2010
Mar 01, 2014
When I was younger, this game stressed me out and even gave me nightmares. I'm not saying wizard101 is too dark, but I used to get stressed out easily, so it wasn't very good for me. I played again a couple years later, and got into the game a lot more. I got as far as Celestia and made a lot of friends too. I got into the socializing part a little too much, which led to some drama that is best forgotten. But this 3rd time I've joined, I've really enjoyed it. I've appreciated the graphic arts, music, story-line, and acting so much more. I love to play this game during my free time (or even to procrastinate on homework ) and looking for easter eggs. I appreciate the pure magnitude of all the work put into it even more and I like how this game allows me to strategize and gives me a feeling of importance. This may just be a virtual game, but wizard101 will always be a key part of my childhood and almost adulthood.
Katie Smith level 44

Jun 22, 2013
Percy373 on Apr 14, 2014 wrote:
Made me realize how badly I wanted to go to Hogwarts >.<
Made me a bit more antisocial and nicer to authority...just a little bit.
XD lol I'm still waiting for my Hogwarts ticket to arrive. XD :D