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How the pagoda and winterbane XP works

Jun 28, 2013
OK, I am posting this to clear up the confusion with the housing dungeons. The pagoda and the winterbane hall. Some of you ask why you don’t get any XP any more. The dungeons work just like any instance dungeon in the game with the exception of the tier levels. There are 5 tier levels for each dungeon. The tier levels are as follows: wizard levels 1 to 19 is tier 1, 20 to 39 is tier 2, 40 to 59 is tier 3, 60 to 79 tier 4, and 80+ tier 5. You can get XP for each tier level twice. The first time is full XP; the second time is half XP. Example, if you are level 50, then you can gain XP twice for tier levels 1, 2 and 3. In order to gain XP for the lower tier levels, then you will have to enter with a wizard for that Tier level. Enter with a wizard between the levels 1 and 19(tier 1) then a wizard between the levels 20 and 39 (tier 2) and then enter with wizards between 40 and 59 (tier 3).complete each tier level twice. Sorry if this is a bit confusing, but there is more. Not only can you get XP for each tier level, The XP that you will get depends on your present level in that tier. Let’s say that you never entered the winterbane hall. If you enter at level 2 then you will gain XP. Not much, but you will. Then if you enter again, You will get half XP. But if you have the patients and wait till level 18, then you will get much more XP. The best way to gain the most XP from these dungeons is to go in at wizard levels 18, 38, 58, 78, and I believe level 93+. This way you get the highest XP for each tier. the reason for this is because once you finish it you will go up a level, so then if you go in at level 18, then you will go up to level 19. then again for half the XP. this way you will get max XP. Don't worry if you missed a tier level. Just simply enter with a wizard at the appropriate level for the tier that you missed. You will gain XP equivalent to that tier level. I hope this was not to confusing, and that this cleared things up a bit.
Mark Dragonleaf L66 Storm