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How many wizards do you have?

Feb 17, 2011
I have a storm Wizard which I love. The secondary is Ice but I changed it to going to change it to balance...just for all the shields and blades. The low health which never bothered me for a majority of the game, is really starting to get to me in Celestia with monsters and bosses starting out with a ton of pips and being able to fire off good spells right off the bat. I play this wizard with my best friend Angela Dragonrider. She is a fire wizard. We have played through the whole game pretty much together. Right now we are in Celestia and are Level 52. We make an awesome team.

I made a second wizard who is a death/life combo. In theory the drain spells which heal me plus the healing spells life has to offer should keep me alive for a very long time. So far its working out for me. The life spells are also good for death enemies if I don't draw a prism card. Also I've found that if a death guy puts up a life shield I can get rid of it with a weak life spell and follow up with a strong Death spell. (with death prism)
I made this so that when Angela and I aren't playing together I can play this wizard so me and Angela can stay together. I picked this combo because I figured it would be the best to solo with.

Jan 24, 2010
LOLZ, I have 6 wizards AND a life IRL. Wizarding is a wonderful way to decompress and empty my busy brain on a regular basis.

My wizards are:

Iridian Shadowweaver, Legendary Theurgist and Balance
Rowan Earthsong, Legendary Sorceress, Life, and Death
Scarlet Ravensong, Legendary Pyromanceress and Life
Moira Shadowmancer, Adept Necromanceress and Ice
Alexandria Dreamwalker, Adept Conjuress and Storm
Taryn Earthsinger, Novice Theurgist, secondary school unknown but probably Fire

I chose my last wizard to trace the footsteps of my first wizard, because it will be awesome to cruise through the game with a second theurgist. Hind sight is 20/20 :)

I can't say which is my favorite wizard. They all have unique attributes that make them entirely different from one another. My most powerful wizard is either Rowan or Scarlet, my best group play wizard is either Iridian or Rowan. The most challenging magic to master is Balance, IMHO, so Rowan offers the most strategic choices. Moira is shaping up to be an extremely powerful Necromanceress. I'm not sure about Myth yet; it's very different from the other schools, and minion usage is pretty new to me. Taryn is a funny little noob with cool elven gear. All six of the sisters are great fun and playing them randomly makes for an ever changing diversion from the real world.


Oct 17, 2008
sunsword44 wrote:
Two. My main wiz is a legendary Balance/Life with Moon and Star. She's really good for general gameplay, but not the best for pvp. She would have to be my favorite wiz, and I'm looking forward to the new amulets so I can use Centaur more often and heal more quickly. I'm pretty sure she's a pvp sergeant... I think...

My other wiz is one I created for 1v1 pvp. She's lvl 16 Death/Ice, and I'm almost to the Commander pvp rank :D (long and hard if you have about as much strategy sense as I do (zero) but still fun and worth it)

Lol and then if you count that Myth dude who's on my account. He's really just there for my cousin to play on when he visits, but I level him up sometimes to help him out. He's lvl 29 Myth/Fire. Not a very common combination, but he does really well and can even keep up with my friends/family's higher characters for a bit of backup help. (I think at the moment he's a pvp corporal, wouldn't know I never pvp on him)

Taryn Dragonsong (60 balance)
Rowan Dragonsong (16 death)
(And Cody Legendriver, the weirdo myth who lives on my account)
Wow odd... My main character is exactly the same as yours, but level 51. (I don't even know why I posted this. I guess I was bored )

Sep 28, 2010
I have a legendary of every school balance on another account.I can easily manage them all my favorite is my fire wizard.Thats all i will say.

Mar 06, 2011
I have a fire, which is my first wiz and lvl 56.
I have a balance that I have just started, just to try something different!